S2 episode 12 Aired on September 3, 2014

With no lies left between them, Briggs fights for he and Charlie’s future.  But while Charlie won’t forgive him, she can’t seem to bring herself to turn in the father of her unborn child.

At the same time, Mike has the end of the Solano operation in sight, but before they bust a ring of crooked cops and take down the cartel, there is still the matter of getting the pieces into place.  So while Charlie hunts for Amber, who has been MIA since the bank heist, Johnny and Jakes prepare to run their drug drop.  However, Johnny’s feelings for Lucia may muddle their plans.

Elsewhere, a girl being held by immigration may hold the key to Paige’s investigation into Lena’s disappearance.

Meanwhile, Mike gets antsy on the sidelines, but he soon finds his hands full with Sid Markham, who is bringing Mike up on charges in connection to the bank heist.  And while Sid’s unexpected play only strengthens Mike’s resolve, the crooked LAPD officer still has a few tricks up his sleeve…