S2 episode 11 Aired on August 27, 2014

Someone has unearthed the truth about Juan Badillo’s murder, and Briggs thinks Sid Markham’s hand is the one on the shovel.  With Charlie six weeks pregnant, Briggs has no intention of giving up his freedom without a fight, but the person he’s hunting for may be closer to home than he realizes.

At the same time, the agents of Graceland sit down under the same roof for their old tradition of sauce night.  But while the weary housemates are looking forward to putting work aside for an evening, the simmering resentments that have built up between them soon boil over, and it isn’t long until the members of this one-time family are at each other’s throats.

Meanwhile, when Briggs’s machinations throw off Charlie and Amber’s carefully planned bank heist, the team’s only choice is to put aside their differences and pull the job themselves.  But while the wary agents pledge to work towards the common goal, their personal agendas could wind up tearing them apart.