Head of the Pig
S2 episode 10 Aired on August 20, 2014

Johnny and Jakes set up a trial run to demonstrate the effectiveness of their delivery system to Carlos Solano, but when their live test doesn’t go according to plan, Johnny must watch his back as he tries to convince the cartel leader to give them a second chance.

Back in Sylmar, Mike seems to be running on fumes, and Paige starts to suspect that Mike may know more about Lena’s disappearance than he is letting on.  Worried that Mike may be so obsessed with the case that he’d cover up a murder, Paige and Briggs hatch a plan to use Sid Markham to shut down the sex trafficking operation. 

At the same time, Charlie and Amber prepare for their upcoming heist, but the undercover agent has something else on her mind that will prove life changing for her and Briggs.

 Meanwhile, with a few well-placed words about FBI surveillance and Solano moles, it isn’t long before Paige and Briggs have Sid on the hook and ready to take down Sulla’s safe house.  All that’s left is to get Mike out of the way, but the bedraggled agent soon reads between the lines, and he’ll do anything to keep his op viable - even rush into a certain bloodbath…