Smoke Alarm
S1 episode 9 Aired on August 15, 2013

When Jangles makes a gruesome example out of one of Bello’s soldiers, the message is clear – war is coming.  Bello preaches confidence from his new safe house, but the heavy artillery he brings in for his men tells a different story.

Elsewhere, the game of cat and mouse continues as Charlie, Briggs and Mike circle each other.  Briggs lays a trap to draw out Jangles, but draws out Charlie instead.  At the same time, Charlie meets a surprising partner in her search for Odin, but this new ally may not be what he seems.  Finally, Mike continues to run in place, overruled by Briggs in the Bello case and kept in the dark by Juan in the Briggs investigation.  But when Mike discovers that Juan has been listening to his conversations, he confronts his secretive case agent, only to learn that the entire investigation into Briggs may be based on a paranoid revenge fantasy.  Shocked, Mike washes his hands of the whole affair, but he doesn’t realize how far Juan is willing to push it.

Meanwhile, when Briggs and Johnny learn that Bello has been sold out to Kaza, they rush to Bello’s safe house to save Mike, but they may be too late to stop Jangles from completing his bloody mission…