Bag Man
S1 episode 8 Aired on August 8, 2013

While Bello’s business hums back to life with an infusion of Odin’s product, Mike and the FBI wait and watch for a slip up.  Little do they realize that “Odin” is operating right under their noses, and working double time to stay one step ahead.

Briggs isn’t the only one feeling the pressure to stay out front, though.  Juggling so many secrets is finally taking its toll on Mike, especially when his actions only seem to lead to suffering.  The tipping point finally comes when, after a bloody attack on Bello’s organization, Mike must watch as his employer brutally interrogates a Kaza hitman.  But rather than break, Mike intervenes to save both the hitman and the case – and makes a stunning realization about Briggs’s true motivations involving the Kaza cartel and the assassin known as Jangles.

At the same time, Charlie can’t shake the suspicion that Briggs may have a connection to Odin, and when she enlists a skeptical Johnny to investigate, Briggs narrowly escapes undetected.

Meanwhile, tired of being the middleman for other people’s dirty work, Mike stops following the rules.  But while his choices may cost him his relationship with Abby, when he calls an audible that forces a meet between Briggs and Bello it’s Briggs that finds himself stuck in the middle, one slip-up away from finally being exposed…