Hair of the Dog
S1 episode 6 Aired on July 18, 2013

Holed up in a strange apartment, Charlie deals with a double whammy from the heroin hangover and the guilt from Whistler’s death.  Briggs does his best to nurse her back to health and, for the sake of her career, keep her off the grid, but when Charlie is called in to give her side of the Odin debacle she’s faced with an unthinkable choice that could send her tumbling to a new low.

Meanwhile, the bust on the Cartel’s submarine comes up empty, but Mike learns the drugs are sitting on the ocean floor, jettisoned from the sub at the first sign of trouble.  Sensing opportunity, Mike convinces Bello to cut out the cartel and recover the drugs himself.  It’s an ingenious plan, putting the FBI in position to take down Bello and recover a massive amount of heroin, thereby setting up the perfect opportunity to run a sting on Briggs.  With Johnny posing as an ex-Navy Seal skilled in the type of recovery that Bello needs to retrieve the drugs, things seem to be progressing according to Mike’s schedule.  But both Bello and Briggs have plans of their own, and they may leave Mike stuck in the middle…