Pizza Box
S1 episode 4 Aired on June 27, 2013

When pharmaceutical-grade marijuana turns up in a low level street bust, Paige recruits Jakes and Johnny to investigate Ashika Pearl, a seductive hippie pot farmer who has a history with Graceland’s resident customs agent.  Jakes warns that Ashika isn’t as peace and love as she seems, but when Johnny falls for her flirtation, he soon learns that this bohemian butterfly is actually a black widow.

Meanwhile, Bello makes a request that catches Mike and Briggs off guard: he wants Mike to instruct his men in firearm training.  Being sidelined doesn’t sit well with Briggs, who has reservations about Mike working Bello by himself.  Things get complicated as Mike finds himself in the tough position of having to please Bello and appease his superiors, who don’t want him teaching criminals to shoot at a military skill level.  Mike tries to slow the training process, but his foot-dragging feeds the suspicion of Bello’s second in command, Eddie.  To get Eddie off Mike’s back, the FBI agents hatch a plan to bring Eddie in for questioning in the hope of adding credence to the rumor that he sold out Bello.  Their expectation is that having already lost an eye to Bello’s temper, Eddie will skip town in an act of self-preservation.  But if their gamble doesn’t pay off, Mike’s next lesson may be his last.