Heat Run
S1 episode 3 Aired on June 20, 2013

With Briggs's gun trained on Mike's head, it would appear the meet with Bello has gotten off to a bad start. Yet the move turns out to be a feint; Briggs has intuited that Bello smells a rat, and with some canny improvisation he and Mike manage to deflect suspicion from themselves to Bello's second in command. The brush with death leaves the young agent at once shaken, exhilarated, and more conflicted about his secret mission than before.

Back at the house, Lauren bends Briggs's ear. It seems the Russians still have it in for Donnie, and with the brass calling for her to wind down her assignment in a week she wants to make one final play to protect her friend.

At the same time, Charlie meets with a meth-head CI named Whistler who has info that could that could help take a major player off the street (and earn him a hefty pay day for his cooperation). But when Whistler's unpredictable behavior almost blows the bust, the trusting Charlie must reconsider her relationship with her CI.

Meanwhile, the FBI team plans to intercept a shipment of hot Lamborghinis that belong to the Russians, but when the op goes bad, a desperate move by Lauren leaves her exposed. Briggs angrily tells her to shut her cover down, but even Briggs doesn't realize how far Lauren will go to save Donnie's life, or how much she is willing to risk...