S1 episode 12 Aired on September 12, 2013

With the recorder missing and Briggs on the run, tensions finally come to a head at the house, but it isn’t until the truth of events are laid bare in front of the brass that the agents truly see just how far off the rails things have gone.  Now, with a murder suspect in the wind and a mess on their hands, the higher ups make it clear that if Briggs isn’t found, Graceland will be shut down for good.  And while Mike isn’t ready to throw in the towel just yet, with everyone questioning each other’s loyalties he may not have a team to fall back on. 

At the same time, Briggs may be on the lam, but he hasn’t given up his quest for revenge.  He soon realizes that Jangles has been under his nose the whole time – too bad he doesn’t foresee that a little bad timing will put Charlie and him at the mercy of the man he’s been tracking for so many years. 

Meanwhile, when Mike figures out that Briggs is still in town, he turns to Jakes for help.  But in order to find Briggs and save the house, he’ll have to go through Jangles first…