Happy Endings
S1 episode 11 Aired on September 5, 2013

The lies continue to fly as Mike and Briggs dance around each other during the investigation into Juan’s disappearance.  The two agents soon realize that the job will be too tough to handle on their own, so while Briggs turns to Jakes for some cover, Mike enlists the helps of Paige, whose belief in Briggs’s innocence is waning by the minute.

Elsewhere, Charlie’s frustration at being abandoned to work the Odin case by herself pushes her closer to Cortes, never suspecting that her new ally has ulterior motives.  But while Johnny tries to show support by digging up their old pal Quinn, he may have inadvertently delivered Charlie from one monster into the hands of another.

Meanwhile, when the search for Juan’s car leads both Mike and Briggs to a gang of car thieves, the two agents are forced to go undercover on a robbery together.  As Mike runs short of trust and Briggs runs out of options, it becomes clear that whoever can get Juan’s car first will control the outcome of the investigation.  But with both agents jockeying for the upper hand, only one of them can come out ahead…