King's Castle
S1 episode 10 Aired on August 22, 2013

With a body at his feet and a bottle at his side, Briggs knows he must bury all traces of his long sought-after revenge.  Little does he realize that the man he has killed isn’t Jangles, and that there is one piece of evidence out there that can still tie him to murder.

Briggs’s ignorance buys him a small measure of peace, but it doesn’t last long: Charlie wants to send an ailing Mike back under with Bello, hoping the incarcerated criminal will give up Odin to save his loyal bodyguard.  In order to protect himself, Briggs contrives to blow Mike’s cover with Bello, but his scheme almost winds up turning Mike into collateral damage.

At the same time, Johnny plans a surprise party for Jakes against his wishes while Paige finds it hard to hide her disgust with Mike.  And as Charlie’s search for Odin ratchets up the tension between her and Briggs, it starts to seem as if the ties that bind Graceland together are coming undone.

Meanwhile, when Mike learns that Briggs is suspected in Juan’s disappearance, he must make some hard decisions about where his loyalties lie…