S1 episode 1 Aired on June 6, 2013

Every year, the top graduates from the FBI Academy move from their classrooms at Quantico to their first assignments in the real world.  For Agent Mike Warren, the dream has always been a post in Washington D.C.  But the powers that be have other plans, and the young rookie is soon packing his bags for Graceland, a palatial beachfront mansion in Southern California that has become a cross-departmental boarding house for top undercover agents in the FBI, DEA and ICE.

Mike may have been first in his class, but nothing could have prepared him for his new home – or his new training officer, Paul Briggs. A legend at Quantico, Briggs is one of the few graduates in the history of the program that Mike didn’t outscore on his practical exams.  But years in the field have changed Briggs, and by-the-book Mike is quickly out of step with his anarchic new supervisor and the rest of the hard working, hard partying inhabitants of Graceland.  It’s only when the newly minted agent saves an undercover operation from going bad and takes down a small time dealer with ties to a Russian crime family that he starts to find his footing and earn the respect of his new housemates.

But when the Russians abduct the dealer’s innocent family, Mike must go back undercover to save their lives.  In order to survive, he’s going to have to throw out the rulebook, embrace unpredictability and lean on his new family. However, Mike will soon learn that not everything about his assignment to Graceland is as it seems, and that there is more to his new home - and his new training officer - than he could have ever imagined…