Week 6: Tom Arnold
S1 episode 6 Aired on June 14, 2016

Warning: Contains Spoilers for Season 1, Episode 6

Tom Arnold

Master Impressionist Dana Carvey is joined by Tom Arnold, who admits that -- while he doesn’t do impressions -- he is often impersonated. That counts!


Rachel Butera opens with Rosie O’Donnell welcoming Sarah Silverman, Wanda Sykes, Amy Schumer, and others sharing their feelings on being women. Johno Wilson talks his way through his impressions of Jack Nicholson and Christian Slater, which begin with the weird eyebrows. Tom and Dana pause to remark on his version of Robin Williams, and host Freddie Prinze Jr. mentions what a great guy he was; his daughter called Williams, who was on a show with Prinze’s wife Sarah Michelle Gellar, “Uncle Genie.” Jevin Smith lets Chris Rock introduce him.

Round #1: Pyramid of Impressions

Johno is up first with 90 seconds of names pulled from a jar with things you’d say in a mall. He goes from Miley Cyrus to Snoop Dogg, with a very intense Liam Neeson looking for Orange Julius. Jevin is next with “Things you Might Say in Las Vegas.” His Oprah is easily identifiable but Dana’s former SNL costar Adam Sandler takes a few rounds of guessing. Rachel cruises through Barack Obama and Sylvester Stallone and even gets Dana to guess his own “Church Lady.”

Round #2: Morning Show

Jevin sits down as Bill Cosby, who offers drinks to Rachel’s Rosie O’Donnell and Johno’s Matthew McConnaughey. Rosie isn’t interested, but Matthew enjoys the trip upside-down and sideways.

Hazards of Impressions

Dana shares that sometimes the physicality that goes with a good impression can have lasting effects. While doing Garth for the “Wayne’s World” movie 12 hours a day for three months, he gave himself TMJ. The doctor told him to stop, but he chose to party on.

Round #3: And the Winner is…

The impressionists have to accept awards in character. Rachel is up first, with Wanda Sykes accepting Playmate of the Year. She enjoys breaking down barriers of gender, race, and sexuality by letting people look at her naked. Next, Jevin accepts the Nobel Prize as Lil Wayne, which involves a lot of falling over the podium. Johno accepts a Grammy for Best Audio Book as a very confused only slightly coherent Sylvester Stallone.

Last Impressions

Johno uses his 30 seconds to make his case as Owen Wilson, inviting people to come hang out with a rescue dog. Jevin closes with Katt Williams. Rachel brings out Aziz Ansari and Chris Rock to share their thoughts on women.

Freddie announces that the winner is: Rachel Butera!

Congratulations to Rachel Butera! Be sure to check her out on Twitter, and YouTube, and watch every episode of First Impressions here.