Week 5: Yvette Nicole Brown
S1 episode 5 Aired on June 7, 2016

Warning: Contains Spoilers for Season 1, Episode 5

First Impressions Episode 5

Yvette Nicole Brown of Community fame joins Dana Carvey to help guide the contestants through their characters.


Peter Marr introduces a poker game at Donald Duck’s house with Homer Simpson, Hank Hill, Scooby Doo, Shaggy, and the Pillsbury Dough Boy. It’s like flipping through the channels on a Saturday morning. Melissa Villasenor opens with Christina Aguilera waking herself up (lots of yawning runs), then a flustered Kristen Wiig at a carnival. Jason Scoop does Robin Williams from heaven, President Obama, and a topical Bill Cosby. Dana doesn’t envy the audience’s decision.

Round #1: Pyramid of Impressions

Peter is first with “Things you might say in a prison.” Dana immediately guesses Borat and Michael Caine. Jason gets “Things you might say in a locker room” and serves up an easily recognizable Eddie Murphy followed by Al Pacino. Melissa gets “Things you might say in a break-up” and Freddie Prinze Jr. correctly guesses Jeff Bridges and Sharon Osborne. A “Yo, Taylor, get off the stage” helps Yvette identify her Kanye West.

Round #2: Local News

Dana and Yvette hand out assignments. Melissa is up first as Owen Wilson, reacting to various weather disasters. Jason does Sports as Barack Obama (“This here is a wrestling match, similar to what I did to Mitt Romney”). Peter’s Krusty the Clown does traffic.

Round #3: Inside the A-list Studio

Peter answers a question for Pee Wee Herman. Melissa’s Bjork talks about performing for the troops somewhere with a lot of sand, and sings in character, too. Jason as Tracy Morgan promises to get Yvette pregnant.

Lasting Impression

Melissa closes things up with an “I love my gays!” reference from Kathy Griffin, a baby-talking Britney Spears and Sarah Silverman’s thoughts on poop. Jason adds more politicians to his roster with George W. Bush, then Donald Trump, who thinks Bush is a loser, and finally Bill Clinton. Peter goes meta with an impression of Christopher Walken doing an impression of Arnold Schwarzenegger.

The Winner

Freddie announces that the vote is the closest the show has ever had: Jason Scoop wins.

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