Week 4: Kate Flannery
S1 episode 4 Aired on May 31, 2016

Warning: Contains Spoilers for Season 1, Episode 4 

Kate Flannery, from The Office, starts things off on an awkward note by bringing up how Dana failed to hire her for his TV show years ago. She revives her impression of a clown horn, admitting he was probably right to pass. 


Jason Kaye does Michael Caine trying to get out of a speeding ticket, having tried to go to a pub called the Squat and Gobble. Dana particularly enjoys the details in his monologue and the fact that it was new material. Julian Fernandez does a very aggressive Liam Neeson trying to pick someone up. Carlie Craig does Ariana Grande as a barista (“If you have too much dairy, you’ll have trouble pronouncing your words”). Dana announces that he loves indiscernable impressions, exhibit one: His own George H.W. Bush.

Round #1: And the Winner Is…

The impressionists have to accept an award in character. Julian accepts Outdoorsman of the Year as Harvey Fierstein, who notes that he knows a thing or two about bears. Carlie gets Emma Stone accepting Best Gansta Rap Video and puts some good head tilting, lisping, and blinking into acknowledging Biggie Smalls. Jason has to accept NBA Slam Dunk Contest winner as Albert Brooks (“I’ve never won anything before, except for my house in the divorce”).

Round #2: Confession Impression

Dana pauses before the round to praise quickie impressions, including his of Katherine Hepburn starting to start her car. For the round, each contestant has to confess to an unknown sin in character. Jason is first and his John Malkovich has to own up to stealing animals from the zoo. He somehow comes up with a reference to a capybara, which seems like something Malkovich would know. Julian is next as President Barack Obama and has to ‘fess up to rifling through his neighbor’s underwear drawer at parties.’ As Iggy Azalea, Carlie apologizes for playing a game of hide n’ go seek and taking off to Vegas. 

Round #3: Celebrity Karaoke

Ariana Grande (Carlie) signs the Backstreet Boys, clarifying that she’s not Mariah Carey as she perfectly presents her Ariana profile. All that’s missing is a hair extension. Jason takes the mic as Nick Offerman, who lets the ladies know they’re his fire, then somehow segues into bacon. Julian does Christopher Walken (“I….want…it…that. Way.”). 

Lasting Impressions

Julian pleads his case as Bernie Sanders. Carlie does Ariana doing Britney Spears (helped by the fact she can actually sing). Jason closes with John Malkovich, Billy Bob Thornton, Albert Brooks, and Quentin Tarantino trying to decide where to eat.

The Winner

Dana pauses before the winner is announced to do Johnny Carson getting pulled over (“I had two Slippery Monkeys at the Hook and Crook.”) Jason Kaye takes home the prize!

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