Week 2: Jon Lovitz
S1 episode 2 Aired on May 17, 2016

Warning: Contains Spoilers for Season 1, Episode 2

Dana Carvey is joined by his former Saturday Night Live cast mate Jon Lovitz, who knows a thing or two about ACT-ING. (Thank you!) Jon brings his dog, because why not? 


Amy Phillips opens with celebrity dating profiles with Kelly Ripa, Sarah Silverman, and Leslie Mann. Her Kelly gives Dana a chance to do her former co-host, Regis Philbin. Next up, Frank Garcia-Hejl’s Seth Rogen involves lots of his signature grunts. Third is 19-year-old Ryan Goldsher, who starts off with an impressive Morgan Freeman (“Every time I sneeze, a new sun is born”). 

Round #1: Celebrity Karaoke

The three contestants are asked to sing in character. Frank starts things off with spoken word neurotic Vince Vaughn, Amy’s Sofia Vergara involves a lot of shimmying and Ryan proclaims things “alright” as Matthew McConaughey. Dana agrees it’s very hard to sing as someone else. 

Round #2: Talk Show Roulette

Dana takes the desk as Johnny Carson and Jon Lovitz does Ed McMahon, as his pooch makes himself comfortable on the couch. Ryan is up first as President Obama, and he even has the pauses down. Amy wraps things as a frenetic Jennifer Lawrence as Dana does Jay Leno. Dana has to step aside when the REAL Jay Leno comes out and requests impressions of himself. 

Round #3: Debate Gate

Jay, Jon, and Dana act as moderators of a debate. The first question goes to Ryan’s Nicolas Cage. Amy’s Ellen DeGeneres discusses sweater vests and Frank’s Nick Offerman comes up with a reason to use the word “mahogany.” 

The Winner

The kid takes the prize! Congratulations to Ryan Goldsher, and check him out on Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and Vine!