Week One: Steve Carell
S1 episode 1 Aired on May 10, 2016

Warning: Contains Spoilers for Season 1, Episode 1

First Impressions premiered with special guest Steve Carell, who helped expert-in-residence Dana Carvey mentor three contestants battling it out with their best celeb impressions. Here's what went down:


Host Freddie Prinze Jr. welcomes to the show Carell, whose history with Carvey goes all the way back to their SNL days. The two comedic geniuses reminisce about one of Carell's characters, a well-meaning German who shouts nice things in a terrifying manner.

Next up are the contestants -- Rusty Sarhan, Angela Hoover, and Craig Gass -- who introduce themselves through uncanny impressions of Drew Barrymore, Kristin Chenoweth, Sharon Osbourne, Daniel Radcliffe, Tom Arnold, and Charlie Sheen. And before you assume Angela does all the female impressions, think again! Rusty magically channels Sharon Osbourne and Jennifer Coolidge.

Round 1: Pyramid of Impressions

In the first round of games, the contestants have to give clues for a specific category -- only in a celebrity voice. For instance, in the category "Things You Might Say at the Zoo," Rusty takes on the voice of Oprah Winfrey and gives away a bunch of zebras. That is pretty Oprah.

Round 2: Celebrity Date Night

For the second game of the night, the three impressionists answer revealing questions for a celebrity dating show with Carell as the eligible bachelor. Bachelorette #1 sounds an awful lot like Sarah Palin and offers to build a wall around their first date. All three contestants put their improv skills on display -- although it turns out Al Pacino isn't quite clear on what a verb is.

Round #3:  Profession Impression

In the final round, Carvey and Carell draw random professions from a bowl and the contestants decide which celebrities in their arsenal of impressions will perform that job. Christopher Walken makes for a pretty weird carnival operator. No surprise there!

Dana's Pro Tips

Carvey shares a couple of pointers for performing impressions of your own. First, don't be afraid to fail. Watch clips of the celebs you want to parody on YouTube and just start trying to imitate them. YOU WILL BE BAD -- at first, but keep going! The other pro tip? Drop your celebrity into a foreign situation to make your impression even funnier.

The Winner

Congrats to Rusty, whose Harry Potter, Sharon Osbourne, and Jennifer Coolidge impressions help him take home this week's prize of $10,000. See his exit interview here:

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