Rachel Butera

Hometown: Bloomfield, NJ

Tell us a little about yourself in a few sentences: I'm 5'4", brown hair, green eyes--- nah, just kidding. I moved to Los Angeles nearly five years ago to get into cartoon voiceover after working as a writer for 15 years. I now voice many cartoons, commercials, films, and audiobooks, and I perform stand-up. I love L.A. but my heart will always be in Jersey where I'm from. I'm a huge fan of Howard Stern, good coffee, chocolate, and Malibu.

What drew you to doing impressions? I've been doing impressions since the time I could speak. I started imitating what I heard on the TV, then mimicking members of my family, my teachers and peers. I can't not do it. I hear an interesting voice and I must imitate it.

Who was your comedic inspiration? Growing up, the only woman I ever saw doing impressions was Tracey Ullman. She was fantastic. Though she mostly did original characters, she was still doing something I could do, and I identified with her. I was also obsessed with Mel Blanc, the greatest voice actor of all time, Rich Little, who was the big impressionist back in the day, and later on, it became Howard Stern. I would say 90 percent of my sense of humor was shaped by listening to him for the last 25 years.

Why do you think you’ll be America’s favorite impressionist? Being a female impressionist is rare. Being a female impressionist that does a lot of male voices is one a million. I think America will appreciate my fearlessness as a performer. I don't shy away from "tough" impressions. Bring ‘em all on and I'll probably find some essence of them that'll make ‘em say, "Oh yeah, that actor does do that, she's right!"

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