Carlie Craig

Hometown: Coral Springs, FL

Tell us a little about yourself in a few sentences:  I am a full-time actress and part-time Party Princess chasing my dreams. I am pursuing a career in stand-up comedy and sketch, while juggling odd jobs to pay the bills. I have been a theatre performer since age seven and have always been inspired by Saturday Night Live, so to be given this opportunity to perform in front of Dana Carvey himself, it is truly a dream come true.

What drew you to doing impressions? I have always loved imitating other voices and making up crazy characters, so I decided one day to start recording them and posting on Instagram with the #carliesdailyimpressions. My followers would give me lots of suggestions and feedback and I realized people really loved what I was doing! From there, I started incorporating voices into my stand-up and now it has become the core part of my act.

Who was your comedic inspiration? I have many but I would say the main three are Carol Burnett, Jim Carrey and Amy Poehler. All of them have such incredible physicality, perform from an honest place, and are truly fearless. I think that makes for some brilliant comedy.

Why do you think you’ll be America’s favorite impressionist?  I think my contemporary impressions will set me apart from the other contestants. I feel the audience and America will be surprised by my impressions of celebrities they read about every day in the media.

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