Brock Baker

Hometown: Littleton, CO

Tell us a little about yourself in a few sentences: I'm a voice actor and internet personality. I've been doing voices and impressions since I was a kid, and started putting my stuff on YouTube in 2006: impressions, comedy stuff and cartoons. Somehow, I made a career out of it.

What drew you to doing impressions? I grew up watching a lot of TV, my dad would also do silly voices around the house, it kind of happened. It started with cartoon characters mostly and then I went on to see what other voices I could do.

Who was your comedic inspiration? I had a few. Jim Carrey, Robin Williams, Phil Hartman, early '90s Saturday Night Live.

Why do you think you’ll be America’s favorite impressionist? America's favorite? That's a bold statement. I will say that I have a unique group of voices I do, anywhere from the well-known to the obscure. Having a sense of humor helps too.

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