played by Will Yun Lee
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A famously intuitive NYPD detective, when Taka Matsuyama isn’t working cases, he is taking care of his catatonic mother Kumiko. When Taka begins investigating a new cult, he soon starts having strange and vivid dreams. Hoping for answers, Taka begins searching for members of the cult -- only to have them find him first.

The cult is a group of powerful dreamers who teach Taka that he has the ability to enter the dreams of others. With their help, Taka reunites in the dream world with his mother who reveals that she shares his talent and has exiled herself to the dream world where she and the cult need his help finding a young boy whose dream power they wish to harness.

Eventually Taka meets fellow dreamers Tess and Burton, from whom he learns that the boy the cult seeks is none other than Tess’s missing son, James. He also strikes up a romance with Tess’s sister, Sabine. Ultimately, Taka turns on his mother and the cult and helps reunite James with Tess.

Now Taka is eager to settle into a normal dream-free life with Sabine. But will another one of his intuitions get in the way of that?

Will Yun Lee stars as Taka, an intuitive NYPD Detective, whose leap-of-faith insights put him on the trail of an obscure, dream-obsessed cult. 

Most recently, Lee starred as the romantic love interest and lead villain in Strike Back opposite Michelle Yeoh. He was also seen in San Andreas opposite Dwayne Johnson and in Paul Feig's Spy as detective Timothy Cress.   

Additional film credits include The Wolverine opposite Hugh Jackman, Red Dawn with Chris Hemsworth and Josh Hutcherson, and Total Recall opposite Colin Farrell. On the small screen, Lee had a pivotal and memorable role in the final season of Alan Ball's True Blood.

Lee is of Chinese and Korean heritage and has a large presence in the Asian market, taking on the starring role in the feature film Make Your Move Aka Cobu opposite BoA (considered Korea's biggest star), and directed by the man behind Step Up, Duane Adler.