played by David Ajala
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Logical, meticulous, and discreet; ex-British SAS officer Burton Mann performs well as a “fixer” for multinational investment firm, Hull-Bedford. When he isn’t making problems disappear, he’s rendezvousing with his mysterious lover, the nameless Woman In Red.

But Burton’s world is turned upside down when his Woman In Red suddenly disappears without a trace. On top of that, when his firm begins brokering a new deal (led by the conniving Woody Hammond), Burton can’t help but sense there’s more to the new arrangement than he was being told.

Eventually Burton discovers he has the ability to enter other people’s dreams. Using his newfound skills, he learns that his firm had secretly been brokering the sale of a human child and powerful dreamer to tech mogul Bill Boerg. Worst yet, Burton realizes that his lover in red may be just a dream herself.

With the help of fellow dreamers Tess and Taka, Burton manages to foil the sale of the boy -- Tess’s missing son James. Now Burton is determined to protect Tess and James and take down his ex-employer. But can he do all that and still manage to forget the literal woman of his dreams?

David Ajala stars as Burton, the head of in-house security for a multinational investment banking firm, whose personal and professional paranoia collide when an investigation into financial malfeasance at the firm leads to a backlash that engulfs his love life. 

Most recently, Ajala was seen on the series Black Box alongside Vanessa Redgrave. Prior to that he appeared in Fast & Furious 6, alongside the late Paul Walker and Vin Diesel. 

Ajala also appeared in the Andy & Lana Wachowski feature Jupiter Ascending, and the indie film Kill Command. Additional notable credits include One Day, starring Anne Hathaway and Jim Sturgess, The Dark Knight, starring Christian Bale, and Payback Season.

Appearing in a wide range of television roles, Ajala was a rapper in the television series Trexx and Flipside, in addition to major guest roles in Law & Order: UK, Death in Paradise, Silent Witness, and Doctor Who.

Ajala began his career performing with the Royal Shakespeare Company at the Courtyard Theater in Stratford-Upon-Avon. He's performed in productions of The Witness, Hamlet, and A Midsummer Night's Dream, among others at The National Theatre, Royal Court Theatre, and The Almeida Theatre.