Bill Boerg
played by Zak Orth
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Now a millionaire tech mogul, a young Bill and his twin sister would goon amazing adventures together in their sleep. But when she died as a teenager, Bill’s ability to dream was permanently hindered. Still, his experience as a child drives Boerg’s obsession with connecting people through dreams.

Needing powerful dreamers for research, Boerg promises to find Tess Brighton’s missing son if she agreed to participate in his companies’ dream study. However, Boerg already knows that her son is a strong dreamer, andis secretly in the process of buying him from financial firm Hull-Bedford. Boerg hopes to harness the boy’s power for use in his latest business venture.

After his purchase of James is foiled, Bill almost succeeds in capturing the boy. However, Tess and James manage to escape and flee New York. Boerg has since gone off the radar, though rumor has it that he’s heavily divested from his tech company.

Maybe he’s given up,or maybe he’s simply moved onto an even bigger dream?

Zak Orth stars as Bill Borg on USA Network’s new drama series Falling Water. Orth can currently be seen on Casual, and on the renowned series Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp. He also starred as Aaron Pittman on Revolution. Orth’s film credits include Wet Hot American Summer, Vicky Cristina Barcelona, In & Out, and Romeo + Juliet.  He has had a recurring role on the last two seasons of Veep, and has also guest starred in such series as The Good Wife, 30 Rock, Fringe, and Nurse Jackie. His theater credits include turns in The Pain and the Itch, Suburbia, and Misalliance. He currently lives in Brooklyn, New York.