Season 1 episodes

S1 EP10
Mother's Day
Aired on 12/18/2016
Available until 04/15/2021
Helen reels from her discovery that Ryan is the killer. When she learns Philip and Lukas are missing, she must race to find them before it’s too late...
S1 EP9
Savior Unknown
Aired on 12/11/2016
Available until 04/15/2021
Ryan struggles to cover his tracks. Meanwhile, Helen’s dark past comes back and threatens her marriage as well as her ability to protect her family.
S1 EP8
The Larsons' Dog
Aired on 12/04/2016
Available until 04/15/2021
Ryan romances Kamilah to get close to Lukas. As she tracks the killer, Helen develops an unexpected emotional connection with Ryan. Meanwhile, Gabe uncovers a clue to his wife’s mysterious past.
S1 EP7
They Lied
Aired on 11/27/2016
Available until 04/15/2021
As Lukas and Philip finally embrace their secret romance, Helen uncovers new evidence that the cabin shooter is still alive and dangerous... She seeks Kamilah’s help protecting Lukas.
S1 EP6
The Yellow Couch
Aired on 11/20/2016
Available until 04/15/2021
As Helen looks for the murder weapon, Kamilah pulls her into a desperate search for Sita. Lukas is on the verge of his dream sponsorship but it requires an act of betrayal to secure the deal.
S1 EP5
The Lilies
Aired on 11/13/2016
Available until 04/15/2021
Ryan is forced to interfere with an autopsy as Helen gets closer to the truth. Philip deals with a surprise visit from his mom, and Lukas struggles with anxiety about the cabin murders.
S1 EP4
Creme Brulee
Aired on 11/06/2016
Available until 04/15/2021
As Ryan attempts to shut down her case, Helen and Gabe’s marriage is tested when her suspicions lead Philip to reveal a deep secret. Lukas creates a scandal to bury gay rumors at school.
S1 EP3
Bella, Bella, Bella
Aired on 10/30/2016
Available until 04/15/2021
Helen seeks Agent Kamilah Davis’s help in tracking potential witness Bella. Meanwhile, the boys skip school and escape to a NYC club that isn’t anything like Lukas expected.
S1 EP2
Bless the Beast and the Children
Aired on 10/23/2016
Available until 04/15/2021
As Philip and Lukas find haunting proof that the killer’s alive, Helen struggles not to let the case affect her marriage with Gabe. Meanwhile, a new head of the FBI task force is revealed.
S1 EP1
Buffalo '07
Aired on 10/16/2016
Available until 04/15/2021
As teens Philip and Lukas share a first kiss, they witness a murder and don’t report it for fear of being outed. Their lie grows when Philip’s foster mom, Sheriff Helen Torrance, takes the case.