Savior Unknown
S1 episode 9 Aired on December 11, 2016

Warning: Recap Contains Spoilers

Lukas is hospitalized.

Eyewitness 109 jumps right into it, picking up from last week’s shocking cliffhanger where Ryan sniped Lukas down. Lukas gets rushed to the hospital, where the doctors act fast enough to get the bullet out and stabilize his breathing, but he’s left in a coma. Philip, meanwhile, is in tearful shock in the waiting room, telling Gabe that he blames himself -- that everyone he gets close to gets messed up, including Gabe and Helen. He knows their marriage has been a bit rocky since the cabin murders, but Gabe assures him that it has nothing to do with him and that he can’t blame himself for Lukas or for their personal issues. Helen then comes in, pulling Gabe aside, where they quietly acknowledge for the first time that their foster son was having a romantic relationship with Lukas. Then, the doctors think familiar voices from those he loves may stir Lukas awake, but Philip is shooed away by Lukas’ father, Bo. 

Bo blames Philip for the trouble that’s come upon his son, effectively worsening Philip’s own self-worth since he’s already blaming himself. Gabe and Bo move their heated discussion elsewhere, and it’s then that Rose, who Bo invited to visit Lukas, exits her ex-boyfriend’s hospital room to find Philip crying. “I know about you guys,” she concedes. “Don’t worry, I’m not going to tell anyone.” Philip, surprised by her approval, asks if she thinks other people would care if they knew. “At first it would be a big deal; after that, I don’t know,” she says. But she didn’t tell anyone about them because she liked Lukas. “He really wanted to make it work with you,” Philip tells her. Both of them start crying and embrace. 

Helen thinks the killer is working within the FBI.

Ryan visits the hospital to see Kamilah; and just like Gabe to Philip, he tells her that this was all out of her control and she shouldn’t blame herself. While there, he stealthily takes a photo of Lukas’ IV drip, hoping to clone it later. Helen pulls Ryan aside to say how much she appreciated being able to talk to him about her past. “I’ve never to talked to someone like that before,” she says. “It’s not everyday you run into someone who gets where you’ve been.” It’s heartbreaking because as Helen gets closer with Ryan, we know the revelation that he’s the killer will be that more devastating down the line. 

When talk turns to Lukas, Ryan still isn’t convinced that the killer is the same guy across the board; sniping the victim, he says, isn’t his M.O. But Helen thinks he’s getting sloppy because he knows she’s getting close to finding him out. Thinking on it later, she asks Tony to get a full record of Kamilah’s phone use; she doesn’t think it was her, but she thinks someone internal to the FBI may have copied her phone to use its GPS to track Lukas. How else would the killer know exactly where Lukas was going to be that afternoon? 

Philip visits his mother.

At breakfast the next morning, Helen and Gabe are back fighting again because Helen wants to question Philip about the killing; she knows that he’s hiding something and needs him to cooperate if he wants to save Lukas and close the case, but he insists that he’s not hiding anything. She’s angry, desperate, and begins yelling. “You might be solving murders, but you’re destroying this family,” Gabe says. Philip then asks Gabe to take him to see his mom. Now with his mother in rehab, Philip tells Anne everything. He was at the cabin that night. She says that he shouldn’t risk losing Helen and Gabe -- that they love him and want him to stay with him, even after he ages out. But Philip doesn’t want to keep secrets anymore. 

Ryan plots Lukas’ death and learns Philip was at the cabin, too.

Ryan is next shown working out of his trunk and injecting poison into an identical IV bag to Lukas’s that he later switches out, but not before Helen pulls up behind him and he slams the trunk shut. She’s there with Kamilah’s full record (thanks to Tony’s friends in low places) to try and prove that it wasn’t her, but that it could’ve been internal. Ryan agrees to investigate internally after his forthcoming drug bust against the Viscovis; Helen’s phone rings mid-conversation and he sees a caller I.D. photo of Philip wearing the leather jacket he since gave to Tommy. 

Ryan quickly connects the dots, and knows he now has two teens to kill. Back at home, Helen apologizes to Gabe and Philip and acknowledges that she’s been swept up in and obsessing over the case. She knows she was cold, and she wishes she let Philip in more. Philip gives her a hug, and with their personal tension mended, Bo, too, comes by the house to apologize to Philip and invite him to the hospital to visit Lukas. Through all of this, Ryan looks on from afar with binoculars, calculating his next move. 

Philip puts Lukas and Bo’s relationship in jeopardy.

Philip takes Bo up on his offer to visit Lukas in the hospital. Sitting alone with his comatose body, Philip pleads with Lukas to wake up while playing their biking videos. “I love you Lukas, please wake up,” he says. He then kisses his forehead… just as Bo is about to enter the room. It’s too late -- he sees Philip from the hallway and about-faces in shock. No one is able to reach him for the rest of the episode, even when Lukas wakes up. When he eventually does wake up, his first words are, “Where’s Philip?” 

Helen continues apologizing and opens up.

With things on the mend with Gabe and Philip, Helen goes to her storage unit and takes her murder board box home; she decides to tell Gabe everything and show him the box. “When I met you it was the first time I thought that maybe this box didn’t exist, and I loved that feeling,” she says. She admits to planning to kill herself the day that she met Gabe in Tivoli. She wants him to know why she’s been acting the way she has with these murder cases, and shows him the photos from her past cases in Buffalo. When she notices that the box has been tampered with, she immediately assumes the killer’s been at it. Ryan has, indeed, tampered with the box, but so has Gabe, and he tells her that he went to the storage unit when he found the key. In a moment of instability, Gabe continued to be there for Helen -- she knows she can safely open up. 

Helen tries to stop Ryan from leaving.

Helen learns from Tony that the FBI asked for all the files from the case because Ryan is taking a leave of absence. She won’t stand for that, believing that she needs him to help solve her case. (Little does she know that she literally does need him to solve it.) Helen confronts Ryan at the FBI HQ, but he tells her he’s done after this Viscovi bust because he’s sick of cycle that he’s in of killing and cheap motels and covering tracks. “You do one thing to try and prevent something, then you do another thing to try and cover a mistake, and then you’re always thinking 10 steps ahead, and I’m tired of living that way,” he confides. Helen understands where he’s coming from, and Ryan says he admires her for being able to break out and be a mother, settled down in Tivoli. Again, Helen is just getting closer and closer with Ryan. She notices that he’s about to purchase tickets to Maui. “You can go as far away as you want,” she says, “but trust me: You can’t ever outrun who you are.” 

Philip spots Ryan for the first time since Episode 101.

Despite the fact that Helen has been working closely with Ryan since the very beginning, Philip hasn’t seen him since that day on the bus -- he’s never had the chance to connect that Helen’s FBI colleague and the killer is one in the same. But he gets that opportunity while he’s filling up his car’s tank with Gabe, and none other than Ryan, wearing sunglasses and his infamous black hat pulls in behind them. Ryan doesn’t notice Philip, thankfully, but the sighting causes Philip to freak out and tell Gabe everything, including that he was at the cabin with Lukas. The gas station they’re at is just a mile from the hospital in Poughkeepsie, so presumably he’s heading that way for Lukas. He tells Helen that the killer was wearing sunglasses and a black baseball hat and has dark hair, but he can’t say much about his face. 

Knowing that the killer is on his way, Gabe rushes a still-weak Lukas and Philip to a private room in the maternity ward while Helen pulls the curtain on Lukas’ bed and hides in the bathroom with her gun at the ready in hopes that killer will walk into her trap. Sadly, Helen’s PTSD overcomes her, and hiding in the bathroom takes her back to hiding in the closet and killing her baby. She begins having a panic attack and has to rush out of the room for a sedative. 

“The only person who’s not cool with this is you.”

Bo hasn’t been coming to the hospital since spotting Philip kissing the passed out Lukas, and he’s not answering his calls, either. Now alone with Philip in the maternity ward (Gabe left for some reason…), Lukas begins freaking out, thinking his dad is disowning him. He thinks it’s a big deal and thinks that his dad won’t ever get it, but Philip believes otherwise. He tells Lukas that Rose already knows and that she won’t tell anyone, but doesn’t think it would be the end of the world if people knew about them. “The only person who’s not cool with this is you,” Philip insists. 

Helen realizes the killer is Ryan.

Ryan meets Helen at the hospital, and sitting beside him in his car’s passenger seat, she explains to him that Philip, who was at the cabin with Lukas, spotted the killer in Poughkeepsie. She pretty much tells him everything that there is to know -- everything that she shouldn’t be sharing with the killer. Pretending to be worried for Philip and Lukas’ safety, Ryan agrees after much pleading to help Helen by taking the boys out of the hospital to someplace safe. Exiting the car, one would assume he’s quickly calculating how to get away with killing both the boys in the hospital. He’s cornered because they’ll quickly identify him as the killer. Funnily enough, that’s exactly what happens before he even enters the hospital. Philip spots him from a window above walking into the hospital. He quickly leaves with Lukas. 

Meanwhile, Helen is on the verge of tears still sitting in Ryan’s car looking for a tissue. She opens his glove compartment to find the same bottle of cologne Bella bought her older boyfriend before she was killed. She looks to the back seat and sees a black hat and sunglasses, just as Philip said. Slowly, dread overcomes her face: she just sent the killer into the hospital to effectively take the unarmed Philip and Lukas away from her for good.