They Lied
S1 episode 7 Aired on November 27, 2016

Warning: Recap Contains Spoilers 

Lukas gets in over his head.

After last week’s cliffhanger where Lukas told Helen he was at the cabin, this episode cuts right to the chase and has Helen taking Lukas back to the cabin for further questioning. He explains that he was at the cabin stealing his dad’s gas for his bike when Mithat’s men showed up with Ryan in the trunk. He hid in the closet, witnessed the murders, then knocked Ryan out with the frying pan before breaking free. Though it’s good he’s (somewhat) telling the truth, Lukas is still nervous and wants to get away from the whole situation as soon as possible. That’s why, when he learns that Mithat is dead and his dad assures him that the whole thing would be over if it was Mithat that night in the cabin, he panics and wrongly identifies Mithat in a lineup as the killer. Though Lukas’s pick matches with the DNA evidence Ryan planted in Bella’s autopsy, Helen sticks with her gut and is still not convinced that the killer was Mithat. Wouldn’t Lukas have heard Mithat’s accent? She takes to searching for the frying pan from the cabin; it’d have the DNA of the killer on it from Lukas hitting him over the head. 

Philip and Lukas get closer than ever.

After Lukas speaks with Helen, he tells Philip that he decided to tell Helen he was at the cabin that night so that Philip would stay with him in Tivoli. He even broke up with Rose! For the first time, things seem to be going well for Philip and Lukas, and they share some of the most passionate and sweet scenes of the season thus far in 107. In a particularly cute line, Philip asks Lukas if his stomach hurts because, as Gabe said, that’s how you know you’re in love. 

Philip and Gabe get closer than ever, as well.

We’ve been seeing bits and pieces of Philip and Gabe’s fondness for one another, but this episode sees Gabe inviting Philip to stay with him and Helen forever, not just until Anne gets sober. He even wants him to move into the more permanent bedroom upstairs. Philip also opens up to Gabe about why he lied in about Anne’s boyfriend overdosing. He says that he used to lying because he uses it to get close to people, but Gabe assures him that he doesn’t have to do that with him and Helen -- but his message, of course, would be a little more effective if Helen were there to back him up. She’s too caught up in the case. 

We learn more about Ryan’s background.

To our dismay, Ryan gets a big promotion this episode when the New York FBI director says that she’s been promoted to a position in Washington, D.C., and she wants Ryan to replace her post in New York. During that meeting and his lie detector test for the position, we learn that he’s a veteran of Afghanistan whose company was victim to a particularly grisly attack; we don’t learn any details beyond that. 

Ryan learns that Helen is indeed still on his trail.

Helen, still having no clue about Ryan’s true identity, brings Lukas’s gun, the murder weapon, straight to the culprit and asks Ryan to have the FBI run it for fingerprints. At that meeting, we learn that both Sita and Kamilah are still missing. After meeting with Helen, Ryan takes all of the evidence and weapons that could tie him to Bella and his other victims and throws them in the same river Sita jumped into last week. He let’s himself believe for a moment that he’s in the clear, but then he learns that Helen has a new eyewitness from the cabin. Though he doesn’t give Ryan a name, Helen’s deputy sheriff, Tony, lets it slip that the eyewitness rides a motorbike. That’s enough for Ryan to do a quick Facebook search and find Lukas. 

Helen reconnects with Kamilah.

Helen’s late nights investigating bring her and Kamilah back together when Kamilah, currently in hiding, comes to the police station to tell Helen that Sita killed herself and left her to care for baby Jake. It’s one of the more touching conversations between the two women, who started out in this series as enemies but have slowly grown to admire and respect one another. Helen admits that she desperately wants her small-town family life with Gabe and Philip to be enough for her happiness, but she’s not sure if she can give up the rush of chasing crime. 

Helen finally apologizes to Philip.

After picking him up from school one day, Helen finally takes the time to apologize for not believing Philip about Lukas witnessing the cabin murders, and she makes good by gifting him a roll of film for his new camera. She’s so caught up in conversation with Philip, however, that she doesn’t notice Ryan waiting outside the high school to catch a glimpse of Lukas and silence her lead for good. 

Helen and Gabe are on the rocks.

Gabe is still upset with Helen for being so quick to write Philip off and not trust that he was telling the truth. And it doesn’t help that Helen has been so caught up in the case -- a case that, as far as he knows, is solved -- that she took so long to properly apologize to Philip and get their family back on the mend. It all leads to a major blowup between the couple towards the episode’s end. Helen, for what it’s worth, is upset with Gabe for inviting Philip to stay with them for good without consulting her first. They’re fighting so loudly that they don’t hear the dog that Gabe is caring for barking hysterically then eventually yelping in pain and falling silent… Ryan is making his move to the barn, where Philip and Lukas are spending a romantic night together. 

Ryan gets away just in time.

Before he can close in on the barn, Gabe finds the dog with a broken neck and Helen goes full mama bear, gun in hand, running toward the barn and spotting a shadowed figure running away in the distance. She follows him into the woods, but quickly loses him in the cloak of night. Of all people, she calls Ryan, telling him that the killer wasn’t Mithat and that he just tried to kill her eyewitness. She may not have caught him this time, but Ryan is going to have a hard time getting Helen off his back after such a close call.