The Yellow Couch
S1 episode 6 Aired on November 20, 2016

Warning: Recap contains spoilers for Eyewitness episode 106, “The Yellow Couch.” 

Eyewitness switched things up this week by drawing Philip as the chronic liar and Ryan as the guy with a heart -- sort of. Catch up on that and more below. 

Helen finds out Philip’s been lying.

Despite the progress made since Philip came out to her and Gabe in 104, Helen and Philip’s relationship is once again on the rocks when she learns that he lied to Gabe about his mother’s boyfriend overdosing in front of him. (Billy is still very much alive.) That brings everything else Philip has told her into question, including whether or not Lukas was actually at the cabin the night of the murders, especially considering Lukas snatched the gun from the pond and now there’s no evidence to prove he was there. Helen even pays Lukas a visit for some questioning, and he denies the whole thing, saying her foster kid’s a liar. 

Lukas accidentally sends Philip packing.

In an attempt to make amends for Philip’s little lying habit, Helen invites Lukas and his father over for dinner. Tensions are obviously running high (and Lukas is literally high thanks to painkillers snatched from Rose’s mom). When Philip apologizes through gritted teeth for the dinner table, that isn’t enough for Lukas. He says that Philip forced him to steal from his dad to pawn some money to buy drugs. It’s a slap in the face to Philip and a quick cover-up for Lukas’s sloppy lie about getting Rose an abortion. The dinner comes to an abrupt end and Philip promptly calls social services to tell them Helen and Gabe aren’t working out and that he’ll need to switch foster homes. 

Philip’s life isn’t so hot in school, either.

While getting grilled on the home front for lying, Philip is concurrently going through the ringer at school. Lukas, furious at him for telling Helen he was in the cabin, is ignoring all of his texts and bullying him in front of Rose and his friends. It all culminates in Rose’s house party, where after calling social services and demanding a relocation, Philip gets blackout drunk on tequila and comes stumbling in looking for Lukas. We don’t see much of the scene, but we know it was a rough night, and Lukas was refusing to speak with him. In the morning, Lukas brings a still incapacitated Philip back to Helen and Gabe’s by his bike. He leaves him passed out on the porch and apologizes, saying he didn’t mean any of it. Fortunately, Lukas eventually accepts that Philip was just trying to help him all along and makes moves to fix everything -- but more on that later. 

With Mithat dead, Kamilah turns to Ryan and Helen.

While following her sister at the end of 105, Kamilah got Sita on camera shooting Mithat dead. Knowing it’s the right thing to do, she turns the tape over to Ryan, who begins plotting Sita’s arrest. He bars Kamilah from continuing on the case, thinking she’ll learn where Sita is hiding and tip her off before arrest. She does just that anyway. Relaying the info to Helen, Sheriff Torrance agrees to help Kamilah intercept Sita to save her baby son, Jake, before the FBI gets to her and sends him off to social services. When the call goes out that Sita and Angel are on the road and Ryan plans on making his arrest, Helen sets up a roadblock to stop the car and get Sita out before Ryan can get to her. She takes Sita and Jake to the abandoned car wash to meet Kamilah, where they embrace, crying. 

Kamilah and Sita’s reunion is short-lived.

While they’re planning out when and how to act next, it becomes clear that Kamilah must take Sita to the police and take care of Jake herself. Sita makes her sister promise to raise Jake as her own if anything were to happen to her while behind bars. When Kamilah agrees, Sita jumps from the bridge they’re on, killing herself. 

Lukas tells Helen the truth.

Lukas got some great news this week: He’d been signed for a junior track Motocross sponsorship. But his joy is tainted by the strain on his relationship with Philip. We get a glimpse that Lukas is feeling guilty for blaming Philip, but he doesn’t act on that guilt until Philip sends over an edited video of romantic clips from their time together. Upon opening the message and learning that Philip is leaving Tivoli for good, Lukas dashes from a meeting with his new sponsors to hop on his bike and tell Helen the truth. He makes it just in time, too; Helen and Gabe are packing Philip up and getting ready to see him off. Frantically, he tells Helen that Philip wasn’t lying and that he was in the cabin the night of the shootings. He gives her the gun to prove it. 

And about Ryan having a heart…

Don’t get us wrong, Detective Ryan Kane is still a stone cold serial killer, but his arc in 106 has him plotting against Helen to stage her suicide like he did with Bella, but in the end, he decides to pull back. In the beginning of the episode, Ryan calls a private investigator to open a confidential background check on Helen from her time in Buffalo. He learns that Helen was the best of the best in her district, working tirelessly to bring local murderers to justice. But he’s told that Helen up and left one day, stealing some pages from her psychological evaluation and boxing up her murder board. 

Helen had been on medication since the incident of suffocating her child and had since grown obsessive with whatever case she’d be on at the time, losing sleep and sanity along the way. That’s why she moved to the quiet town of Tivoli. Knowing Helen, the investigator says that she probably still has that murder board box with the files somewhere, just so she can take it out to punish herself (as we’ve seen her do several times this season). While Philip is home alone editing his video for Lukas, Ryan sneaks in the house in search of the box. Instead, he finds a key and unit number for the storage facility Helen keeps the box -- just as good.


When he breaks into the unit later that night, he finds photos of gruesome child murders, medications, and a handwritten letter mourning the loss of her child and the loss of the children and parents she couldn’t save. It reads like a suicide note. With that, he types up the letter himself and takes the preparatory steps to killing Helen and making it look like a suicide. Doing so would cover his tracks and make sure that Helen stops looking for the killer’s gun -- Ryan himself has called the case closed after Mithat’s death. All would go to plan if Tony, Helen’s deputy sheriff, didn’t run into Ryan in the knick of time. He offhandedly mentions that Helen has closed the case, too, and is not longer looking for the gun. That’s enough for Ryan to back off and let Helen be -- but we know now that with Lukas’s help, he’ll likely be hearing from her again soon.