The Lilies
S1 episode 5 Aired on November 13, 2016

Warning: Recap Contains Spoilers

We finally got a follow-up on Philip’s mother in this week’s Eyewitness—plus more trouble for Sita and Mithat, and Ryan scrambles as Helen uncovers more and more of her small town’s secrets. 

Philip’s mom steals the show.

As Anne Shea, Philip’s addict mother, actress Carlyn Burchell walks away with this episode. When Helen and Gabe (whose marriage has never been better) offer to pay for her to go to rehab, she refuses until Philip can see her off, which is a breach of her court order. But when she shows up stoned and in a cab on their front step, Helen and Gabe don’t have much of a choice but to let her in to see her son and (fingers crossed!) get the help she needs. Not only is it an opportunity for Philip to get some closure with his mother and to coerce her into getting clean, but it further builds the bond between Philip and his foster parents that began last week with his coming out. He’s opening up and relying on them as a parental unit in ways he’s never been able to before. Anne’s visit also leads to the episode’s sweetest moment: She meets Lukas. Remember, she knows all about her son’s high school sweetheart, and is quick to try to get to know him and welcome him to her life with open arms. Lukas, obviously taken off guard by such overt support in his happiness, shells up, telling her it’s hard to like Philip the way he does in this small town. She understands, and tells him it will get better, and kisses him on the cheek. You can see it warms both Lukas and Philip, and it’s the first time that Lukas has felt he has a mother figure. After it all, Anne promises Philip that she’ll go to rehab if he takes her, and at her son’s request, she hands over the rest of her pills. 

Unbeknownst to Anne, Lukas wants those pills.

The night with Philip in his father’s cabin still haunts Lukas to the point of crippling paranoia, and he thinks the only thing that will fix it is prescription drugs. He takes to begging Philip to get pills from his mother, even manipulating him, admitting to him that he never slept with Rose because he likes Philip, and if Philip liked him, he’d get him what he needs. He especially begins stressing out when seeing the gun from the crime he tossed in the creek while on a hunting trip with his father; his father misses it, but Lukas spots it just below the water’s surface. Later, he and Philip hide the gun further, leaving it in the water and burying it with rocks and stones. Still, he’s furious with Philip for not getting him the pills. 

Lukas takes matters into his own hands.

In desperation to quell his anxiety, Lukas spends his $100 allowance on someone at school selling pills—but turns out they’re just mints. Now broke and scared that his father will find out he wasted his money, Lukas goes to his garage with Philip to find something to sell. There, he finds an old watch encased in glass he thinks may be worth something. He brings it to a pawn shop, who offers him $450 and tells him to come back the next day for the money. There, Lukas also buys Philip a polaroid camera. Unfortunately, the seller blindsides Lukas by returning the watch to his father, who’s furious that Lukas would try to sell his grandfather’s lucky watch. In a panic, Lukas tells him that he and Rose needed the money for an abortion. 

At a loss, Lukas goes back for the gun.

With his lies piling one on top of the other, Lukas is stuck between a rock and hard place. As Philip is dropping his mother off at rehab, he gets one text after another from Lukas begging for help to make it all go away, and Philip—in one of two of the episode’s major shockers—tells Helen that Lukas was at the cabin that night, and that he saw everything. Meanwhile, Lukas is shown back at his barn, shirtless, polishing the gun that he’s retrieved back from the creek. What he plans on doing with it is anyone’s guess, but he is certainly not in a good state of mind. 

Helen thinks she knows who the murderer is.

She thinks she knows, but she’s wrong. Lukas’s account of the events in the cabin could very well counter what she’s come to learn as the truth, but that’ll have to wait for next week. You see, after Helen found evidence that Bella did not hang herself and that she was strung up by another party (presumably her older boyfriend), she finally gets permission for her autopsy. Ryan, always quick to cover his tracks and knowing about her back-end conspiring with Kamilah, offers to streamline the DNA sample results found via rape kit in Bella. Helen, thinking she’s finally found common ground with the cold FBI agent, hastily agrees. But, of course, the DNA sample is Ryan’s from his time with Bella before killing her. Her trades out the samples from a DNA sample he acquired from trailing Mithat, and sets Mithat up for the rape and murder of his own daughter (and presumably the triple homicide in the cabin). Who is Helen to disagree with the DNA results? She’s livid, but is unable to arrest Mithat while the FBI tracks his drug deals and busts him for that and for the murder. Ryan comforting Helen on the matter while she cries in disgust over Mithat and Bella’s innocent life is one of the squirmiest scenes of the series thus far. 

Mithat doesn’t make it long enough to get arrested.

Sita, now de-branded and ready to live life on her own with her son is interrupted just before shooting up heroin (clearly she’s doing great on her own…) by Angel, who says that he’ll let Sita back in with the Vescovi brothers if she kills Mithat, who’s out for their blood after his daughter’s death. She agrees, taking his gun and setting her sights on Mithat. Little does she know that Kamilah, who Ryan bailed out of jail, is tracking her. Sita’s final scene in 105 is of her cornering a weaponless Mithat on the dock along the lake and telling him that his hiring her ruined her life. She shoots him dead. Kamilah’s in the woods, catching the whole thing on camera.