Crème Brulèe
S1 episode 4 Aired on November 6, 2016

Warning: Recap Contains Spoilers

One has to wonder how many deaths it’s going to take for the Tivoli townspeople to realize they’re all connected. Apparently, it’s more than six! With Bella now dead at the hands of Ryan Kane, Helen seems to be the only one putting two and two together. Plus, she gets to enjoy herself a bit with the episode’s sweet namesake. Catch up on that and more below in this week’s recap.

Helen is killing it professionally.

Is Helen growing on you yet? While she has a habit of being a little too no-nonsense and gruff, this episode really showcased why she’s great at what she does and why she also has the potential of being a great parent figure for Philip. First of all, she’s the only one who’s looking at this triple homicide, double overdose, and single teen suicide and knowing they’re somehow related. This episode had her first meeting with Ryan, who refused an autopsy to determine if she had had sex prior to death, despite there being evidence she had a boyfriend. But by later determining that Bella was not in the trunk during the murders because she was at a nearby restaurant and that she had recently purchased cologne for an older man, Helen concludes that she did, indeed, have a boyfriend, and that he was a pedophile, and he’s now the lead suspect in all three cases. She’s lacking any hard evidence though, and Ryan—trying to save his own ass—orders her off the case. As if that stops her; she asks Camilla to check FBI surveillance cameras of Mithat’s home to see if she grew particularly close with any of the drug crew’s adult men. She celebrates the epiphany with some crème brulée. 

Helen is killing it personally.

“Killing it” may not be the best wordplay considering this week’s flashback, which showed Helen distraught and holding an infant in a closet, hiding from an armed burglar. Fearful for her and her child’s life, she stifles its cries, incidentally suffocating the child. It was just a peek at Helen’s troubled backstory in Buffalo, but it could account for her hardened exterior. That said, in the present time, she’s finally connecting with Philip, so that’s a plus! In an unlikely turn of events, she coaxes Philip to come out. Learning that he skipped the school trip for Tommy and Tracy, she’s concerned he’s harboring too many secrets, and it’s kind of a forced hand when she confronts him about it, but the confession still leads to a poignant moment and a real connection between her, Philip, and Gabe. 

Things get rocky with Philip and Lukas.

After last week’s escape to New York City, things were looking good for these high school secret sweethearts, but when word gets around that Philip and Lukas both skipped the school trip—and that they were together—Lukas’ paranoia slips in. He gets further paranoid when Helen begins driving Philip into school; turns out, Philip has chalked up their fight in Episode 101 to Lukas being a homophobic bully. But they discover a way they can still be together, and it involves Philip secretly filming Rose and Lukas having sex near the pond. When Philip sends that video around the school, Lukas is seen again as a straight biker bro and Philip goes back to being an old-news wallflower. We’ll have to wait and see what Rose thinks of it all. 

Sita proves just how crazy she is.

This episode’s cliff-hanger comes to us by way of Sita. When she’s unable to find the dope Chris was holding for Mithat, Angel, who’s part of the Vescovi crime family, threaten to de-brand her, which involves kicking her out of their family and taking a hot iron to her Vescovi tattoos. Miraculously, she does find it, but she decides to hang onto it for herself and be de-branded anyway. Instead, she plants the dope in her sister Camilla’s apartment and tips off the DEA, which leads to Camilla’s arrest. Why’d she do it? She learned that Chris was in contact with Camilla before his death, and Camilla explains that Chris worked for her as an informant. Ryan offers her full immunity if she was to take up Chris’s role for the FBI. Apparently not wanting to be a narc or a drug dealer, she kills two birds with one stone by getting Camilla, whom she blames for Chris’s death, out of her life and getting de-branded herself. And it’s as Camilla is getting arrested that Ryan sees her phone light up with a text from Helen: “Where are we on Bella’s pedophile?”