Bella, Bella, Bella
S1 episode 3 Aired on October 30, 2016

By Benjamin Lindsay

Warning: Recap Contains Spoilers

Well if the bomb didn’t kill her, something else will! As its title would imply, this third outing from Eyewitness on USA -- the first without director Catherine Hardwick -- is all about Bella, the beautiful teenage daughter of drug Mafioso Mithat Milonkovic and the love interest/obsession of our resident serial killer who was just given a name: Ryan Kane. We also learned when he’s not shooting up cabins, staging teenage heroin overdoses, and, in the end of “Bella, Bella, Bella,” killing our titular girl, he moonlights as the FBI agent assigned Milonkovic’s case. Interesting. 

Death and misery aside, this episode also boasts memorable tenderness between Philip and Lukas, Helen hot on Ryan’s tail, and more. Catch our breakdown below. 

Camilla knows Sita planted the bomb at Mithat’s.

Camilla continues her balancing act of the professional and personal while trying to protect her sister and do the job the FBI demands of her. That becomes an even greater struggle when Helen finds a pacifier at the bomb’s detonation site belonging to Sita’s baby. (Helen later uses this pacifier as further blackmail for the FBI’s assistance.) And it doesn’t help on top of that that the Viscovi family is paying for Chris’s funeral; she doesn’t want Sita to owe them anything. But getting her hands dirty is at this point old hat for Sita. In addition to working for the Viscoi family, she clearly has ties (and grudges) to Mithat beyond business -- she slept with him last week before planting the bomb and is shown this week meeting with him again for unknown reasons. It seems like Sita is sprinting to a dead-end and Camilla may not be able to save her from herself. 

Helen remains one step behind.

Ever since finding the long strand of red-tipped hair in the trunk, Helen has been dead set on tracking down Bella. After interrogating Mithat, who legally is not allowed to have her in his custody, she learns she may be at a hookah bar where he does business. Helen gets there just after Bella leaves and just before Ryan Kane, also on Bella’s trail, arrives. She finds a lipstick-signed note meant for Ryan telling him to meet her tomorrow. So we know, at least, that Bella is alive and in hiding. She slips up, however, in stealing a man’s wallet and using his credit card. Helen presents Camilla with the pacifier and further coaxes her into tracking the credit card’s use. Unbeknownst to Helen, this information is going straight to the killer, too -- Ryan Kane is working the case and approves the credit card tracking, inadvertently finding when and how to corner Bella and reconnect. When she swipes at a local hair salon, Ryan beats Helen to the scene and Bella rides off with her supposed Prince Charming; Helen arrives moments later, but it’s too late. 

Ryan shows how much he cares for Bella.

Ryan -- who’s previously been shown masturbating to Bella’s Facebook photos, among other things -- is established as a full-fledged creep (as if you needed any more convincing) when he brings Bella home. The 15-year-old and the FBI agent, it turns out, first met because Ryan was keeping watch on Mithat, but he couldn’t keep his eyes off his teenage daughter. While they’ve never had sex, they certainly share a romantic history, and Bella is under the impression that they’re together for the long haul. She even buys him a bottle of French cologne. Their romance is cut tragically short when Ryan, heartless and presumably fearful of being found by the looming Helen, kills Bella in cold blood, stringing her up by the neck off a telephone poll and waiting for Helen to find her. It’s grotesque stuff -- but at least he’s got the cologne to remember her by. 

Philip and Lukas break for New York City.

With their community and especially their high school torn by the recent deaths of Tommy and Tracy, an overnight field trip is planned for community counseling and healing. It’s the last place that Philip and Lukas -- the only two who know the truth behind their deaths -- want to be. So they take a field trip to New York City, and with the magic of fake IDs, Philip gets them into Hell’s Kitchen bustling gay club, Therapy. While Lukas is at first definitely not into the idea -- he bolts out of the club while Philip hangs back for a drink -- the two eventually reconcile and even share a kiss on the streets of Manhattan. It’s a small step, but it’s one that shows major progress for Lukas’s journey to self-acceptance. He sees the potential for the life that he and Philip could one day experience together. 

Is Helen ever going to be a good mother?

An audio motif through the series thus far has been the self-help tapes Helen plugs in about how to be a good foster mother and how to be there for her teen child, but ever since this case has swallowed her whole, she’s done just about everything to unintentionally keep Philip at arm’s length. While Gabe is doing all he can to connect with his foster son (Philip even admits to Gabe that he’s felt the pangs of love before in an especially touching heart-to-heart), Helen drops the ball time and time again. At this point, it seems the best way for Philip to attract Helen’s attention would be to tell her he was at the cabin and witnessed the triple homicide, but that’s about as likely as the steely Helen offering him a hug.