Lukas Waldenbeck
played by James Paxton
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Lukas Waldenbeck seems to have it all – popularity, motocross stardom and the hottest girl in school – when really, he’s a closeted gay boy who is scared to come out to his family and friends. With Philip as his new secret boyfriend, Lukas is finally starting to feel comfortable with his true self – until the boys witness a quadruple murder and his sanity begins to slip as he’s hunted by the killer and haunted by the fear of being outed.

James Paxton stars as Lukas Waldenbeck, a popular, closeted gay teenager on the cusp of motocross stardom, in USA Network’s bone-chilling original drama series Eyewitness. 

Born and raised in Ojai, California, Paxton started his career at the age of nine in Spy Kids 3. After attending New York University, he studied British film and theater in London where he fell in love with acting. 

Upon his return to the United States, Paxton worked behind the scenes in production while studying with famed acting coach Vincent Chase.  James soon booked roles in Texas Rising for The History Channel and the feature film Term Life, opposite Vince Vaughn.  

Paxton can next be seen in the independent films Boogeyman Pop, opposite M.C. Gainey, and An American in Texas, set against the backdrop of the first Gulf war.  

The son of actor Bill Paxton, James is also a musician and lyricist.