played by Jessica Renee Russell
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Violet is the newest and most naïve member of Donny’s team of assistants. She’s perpetually eager to please, smiling through each menial task and insult thrown her way. Donny loves that Violet always takes his side in arguments, but her Pollyannaish attitude can grate on the other assistants’ nerves.

Jessica Renee Russell plays “Violet” on the new USA Network soft-scripted comedic series Donny! 

This Fall, Russell shot two feature film lead roles including “Hedgehog” from writer/director Lindsey Copeland – opposite Madeline Brewer – and “Crazy Famous” directed by Paul Jarrett. 

Past film roles including “Girls Night,” “Groomed,” “Die with Me,” “Hole in the Wall,” “Entropy” and “Hardbat.”