played by Emily Tarver
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Pam is the no-nonsense Executive Producer of Donny’s daytime talk show donny! who he plucked from obscurity seven years ago and groomed into his show’s EP. Once an aspiring journalist, she now spends her days trying to bring in ratings with show topics that seem to get more outlandish by the day. She is smart, sarcastic, and loves putting Donny in his place, almost for sport. Although they bicker nonstop, behind the banter their relationship runs deep -- and they know that they have each other’s backs no matter what mess comes their way (usually because of some dumb thing Donny does).

Emily Tarver plays “Pam” on the new USA Network soft-scripted comedic series Donny! 

Tarver is an actress/writer/comedian/musician/producer lady. Initially, she was going to be a doctor, but she took an improv class her senior year at the University of Texas and it exploded her brain. 

Professionally, Tarver can most recently be seen on “Black-ish,” “Friends of the People” and “Best Week Ever.” She has been studying and performing with the Upright Citizens Brigade NY Theatre since 2004 and continues to perform stand-up, improv, sketch and musical comedy with her band Summer and Eve. 

In addition, Tarver is in a million commercials and can be seen in the new Amy Poehler and Tina Fey movie “Sisters,” premiering December 2015. 

She has never been married and she is okay with her life the way it is.