played by Hailey Giles
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Jackie is Donny’s first line of defense against crazy ex-wives and messy calendars. As Donny’s number one assistant, she’s in charge of managing his finances, art, TV appearances, and more often than not, his ego. The most assertive of Donny’s staff, Jackie is always quick to speak her mind and prove him wrong in a bet––especially if it means winning a pair of Louboutins.

Hailey Giles plays “Jackie” on the new USA Network soft-scripted comedic series Donny! 

Giles began her acting career at the ripe age of five in the local theatre and film scene of her hometown of Memphis, TN where she perfected the art of saying things like y’all and ma’am. Her unyielding yearn for practicality led her to pursue an Entertainment Business degree from Emerson College in Boston where she graduated Magna cum Laude a year early, which her mother says makes her special. Upon graduating, Hailey moved to New York City where she worked mostly behind the camera as a producer, location manager, location scout, casting director, and set dresser while simultaneously finding her way in front of the camera and on stage. 

Giles has appeared in the television shows “Gringolandia,” “Celebrity Ghost Stories,” and “Manhattan Diaries.”  Film credits include “Losers Take All,” “One Came Home,” and “White People Problems.” Her web series “2040,” which she co-created and stars in, was touted by both Huffington Post and IFC as the “top 5 web series you should be watching.” She is also a screenwriter and is currently in development on a feature film that will shoot in Memphis next year. 

Giles is a proud New York City resident who isn’t afraid of spending her winters in Los Angeles because snow is cold.