Trust No One
S1 episode 7 Aired on April 16, 2015

Golan checks on Eli in a holding cell at the police station and tells the guard to put him on suicide watch. When he gets home, Peter and Emma are waiting for him. Emma tells them her story: a few weeks ago, a man approached her at the café and said he would pay her to get Peter’s attention. The guy told her what to say, how to behave, and to dye her hair red. He also instructed her to slip the stone into Peter’s pocket but didn’t explain why. After the night she and Peter hung out, she met the man again so she could get paid. Instead he and some men threw her into a car and drove her to an abandoned building where they kept her chained up. When she heard them talking about killing her, she scratched the guard’s face with her nails and escaped that morning. 

Still on the run with Joshua, Debbie calls Billingham to arrange an exchange—Joshua for Charlie—but she has a plan that will allow her to keep Joshua. First Debbie takes Joshua to a hardware store to get the necessary supplies. 

Liat shows up at Lynn’s apartment and tells her that Peter never got on the plane. She also reports that she traced the key Peter gave her to a safety deposit box at the Tel Aviv Credit Union. 

When Lynn shows up at Golan’s apartment, Peter and Emma hide in a bedroom. Golan claims to have not seen or heard from Peter. Lynn gives him the key, tells him which bank it’s associated with and to give it to Peter if Golan sees him. After she leaves, Peter and Golan drive Emma back to the place she was held captive to look for clues as to who is responsible. On the wall of the basement are photos of her supposedly dead body. She tells them they used makeup to fake her stab wounds. Golan says there was a body recovered after her alleged murder, so this must go even deeper than they thought and they should enlist some help. 

Ridell tells Lev that Peter is still in Jerusalem. His response: she now must find him and kill him. 

When Golan, Peter and Emma arrive at the police station, they discover that Eli has hung himself, despite Golan’s precautionary measures and just as Peter predicted. 

Lynn calls Peter’s wife to see if she’s heard from him but his wife says that since Lynn is the one sleeping with her husband, she should know where he is better than her. Ridell comes into Lynn’s office and says that if Lynn doesn’t find Peter in three hours, she’ll declare him a fugitive. 

Debbie and Joshua rendezvous with Billingham, Faye and their people in the desert. As they’re exchanging Charlie for Joshua, Joshua reveals that he’s wearing homemade explosives. Debbie demands they drop their guns, which allows Charlie, Joshua and her to get in the car and drive away. 

From the tunnels below the Old City, Professor Margrove calls Lev to say they’re about to find “the pillars.” Later he calls someone who’s not identified to say that Rabbi Lev will be there with the breastplate tonight and while they’re looking in the opposite direction, they’ll be able to “pinpoint the exact location.” 

Back at Golan’s apartment, Peter suggests to Golan that they call Ari, the Shin Bet guy who’s undercover with the Jewish Heritage Center. Golan gets in touch with his Shin Bet contact and finds out that they don’t have anyone working undercover there. 

During a pit stop on their way to California, Charlie gets shot. Billingham’s henchmen are in hot pursuit, firing guns at the car. As Debbie tries to drive away, their car flips. Faye retrieves an unscathed Joshua from the overturned car. Charlie is dead but there’s no sign of Debbie. Faye tells her men to find her but they stop when they hear that the police are on their way. Debbie comes out of her hiding place and starts walking to the next town. She goes into a pawnshop and trades her ring for a gun. 

Emma tells Peter that while she was on the dig and with Margrove, there was talk about DNA samples being sent to a lab in New Mexico. Peter tells her that it turns out the DNA was from a cow. She was suspicious that Margrove had something to do with the people trying to reclaim the Temple Mount and that if they had that DNA and mixed it with that of a red heifer, they could create what they needed. Peter arranges to meet Lynn while Golan goes to the bank to see what’s in the safety deposit box. But the only thing in it is a VHS tape.


That night, Lynn is late meeting Peter at the park. Suddenly a bunch of cars appear and start chasing Peter. Someone pulls up next to Peter and yells at him to get in. It’s Shem the Essene. Peter asks who he is and Shem says, “I’m the guy saving your ass!” After they’ve lost the other vehicles, he drops off Peter and says, “When it’s time to meet again, I’ll find you.” 

Back at Golan’s, Peter, Emma and Golan put the tape in the VCR: It’s of a man named John Donaldson giving his official documentation of the biggest archaeological discovery of his time, perhaps ever, from February 15, 1989. He explains that the Order of Moriah, a secret society, has been planning their ascension since the time of the Crusades. Their slimy tentacles have infiltrated everything and everyone, from politicians, to captains of industry. No one can be trusted. An additional segment from June 6 of that year has him saying that he’s in hiding because he knows they want to hurt him and his family and if someone is watching this tape, it means he’s dead. Emma recognizes the name Donaldson and looks it up. He was once associated with Ian Margrove and another archaeologist, Isaac Zohar. There’s an article about when they won the funding and access to dig in Jerusalem for the first time around the same time the tape was made. Peter says they have to find Zohar. 

In the tunnel, Lev and Margrove stand over the symbol of Moriah, which is etched in the floor of the Well of Souls. They move the four pillars into slots on the floor. Once assembled, Margrove says that the weight of the breastplate will activate the device. When they place the breastplate on top, an ancient stone pipe begins to release oil. A fire ignites, which is supposed to illuminate the location of ancient treasures. They watch as Hebrew letters appear on the cave ceiling. Then some begin to fade, leaving only five letters that spell out “Dinah.”