The Well Of Souls
S1 episode 6 Aired on April 9, 2015

When Golan arrives in the woods where Khalid’s body has been found, he notices a plastic object in the grass—the thing that Rabbi Lev buried after Yussef shot himself—which seems to be a digital time card. Golan takes it to Café Sergei and Rami confirms it’s for their employees and belongs to their barman, Eli. 

Meanwhile, Peter asks an office tech at the consulate, Liat, to analyze the mysterious symbol. Lynn walks in and says that now that Yussef Khalid has been found dead, Peter needs to concentrate on the Secretary of State’s visit and let the local police handle Emma’s murder case—or else he’s out. 

But after Lynn leaves, Liat tells Peter that she has found a link between the symbol and a missing person case from three months ago of a young American named Gregory Donaldson. He was found a few days after having had a psychotic episode and is now in a psychiatric institute. Peter goes there to see him, but he’s been heavily sedated. Peter sees that the symbol is rendered in raised scars on Gregory’s chest and his notebook is filled with similar drawings. The doctor tells Peter that there’s a young woman who visits regularly who might be able to help.   

Peter goes to see Nadia, Gregory’s girlfriend. She and Gregory met at Café Sergei and moved in together after only a couple of weeks. His father had died when he was three, so on his 21st birthday, his adoption file was unsealed and he received a letter and package from his father. Gregory didn’t tell Nadia what the letter said but after that, he became depressed and paranoid, saying that there were people from “The Order of Moriah” after him. He was convinced that they were a secret society that had something to do with his father’s death. She gives Peter a mysterious key that Gregory would have wanted him to have. 

After driving a long way, Shem says Avram needs to cleanse himself and begins a prayer that Avram doesn’t recognize as being from the Torah. Shem says that it’s from the scrolls, which sets off an alarm in Avram’s head.    

While searching Eli’s apartment, Golan finds a disturbing collage of photos of Emma Wilson. Golan calls Peter to say he thinks they found the killer. They drag Eli into the police station for questioning about Emma’s murder. Eli is willing to sign a confession saying he killed her, but Peter still thinks that Eli is a patsy. 

Feeling sorry for Joshua, Debbie undoes the chains around his ankles. But when she wakes up later, Joshua isn’t in his bed. Luckily he’s just outside at a gumball machine. As they’re talking, the deputy’s police car and SUVs from the compound race into the parking lot. Debbie pulls Joshua into the shadows. Police storm the motel room and grab Charlie. Debbie and Josh make a run for the police car, but Billingham decides to let them go—for now. 

Frustrated that Golan is not asking Eli questions about their larger concern, Peter sneaks into the interrogation room, but Eli instagates a brawl. Lynn comes in to break it up but gets punched in the fray. After, Lynn tells Peter that he’s been relieved of his position and his flight leaves in three hours. Peter hands Golan the key Nadia gave him and says that it could be the literal and figurative key to Golan’s case, especially after Eli is found dead by an apparent suicide like Yussef Khalid. 

Avram sneaks into town to call Rabbi Lev and tell him what happened. Rabbi Lev says the man he’s with is an Essene who is trying to stop them. Lev tells Avram to find a big knife and stab Shem in the heart. Back at the house, Avram has the knife raised over Shem but Shem grabs his wrist and drags the boy into the woods. Shem is about the plunge the knife into Avram but instead jams it into the wood near his head and then disappears. Avram then stumbles back to the house but Red is gone. 

Ridell meets up with Margrove in the tunnels beneath the Old City. They enter a room that no one has been in for 2500 years, directly under the Dome of the Rock, also known as the Well of Souls. 

Security escorts Peter back to his hotel room to pack. Peter sees a shadow under his closet door. He opens it to reveal a banged up but alive Emma Wilson, crying and pleading for his help.