Emma Wilson's Father
S1 episode 5 Aired on April 2, 2015

Lynn’s driver, Nadav, warns her about a protest happening at the Consulate that could cause traffic problems. As they drive slowly through a crowd of angry protestors, someone notices the US diplomatic license plates, and they swarm the car. They pull Nadav and Lynn from the car and beat Nadav senseless. Lynn is knocked to ground, tear gas filling the air around her. 

Unaware of the tumult across town, Peter sits at Café Sergei looking through Emma’s journal. He folds down pages with thick black lines that she drew and sees that it forms a mysterious symbol. Rami, a waiter, recognizes Emma’s journal. Peter introduces himself as Emma’s father and asks Rami if he can meet her other friends. Rami takes Peter to an apartment nearby where a bunch of people who knew Emma are hanging out. Peter finds out that Emma had a boyfriend, whom she broke up with after a fight the week before she died, but they never met him or knew his name. They say her friend Julie in Tel Aviv may have more details. 

At the police station, Golan tries to sign out the breastplate from the evidence locker, but a senior staff member has already checked it out. Golan tries to inquire further, but the intel is apparently above his paygrade. 

In Croatia, Shem, the Essene, pulls up at the gas station next to an Israeli man who’s on his way to Emil’s to pick up Avram and the calf. Shem hides in the back of the guy’s car and pulls a knife on him. 

Debbie has been returned to the locked room in the compound. Debbie asks Sandra for help one more time but she refuses, but she suddenly becomes much more accommodating when Charlie’s gun is pushed into her back. Debbie and Charlie tie up Sandra and rush from the room. A few minutes later, Faye finds Sandra bound up and sounds the alarm. Debbie and Charlie decide to hide out for a bit and let everyone think they got away. 

Ridell comes to the hospital to see Lynn, who is banged up but more shaken up and upset about Nadav’s injuries than anything else. Ridell tells her they have to put the hunt for Yussef Khalid aside and focus on security since Secretary Reynolds in coming to meet with both sides about the peace accord. 

Yussef limps into a free health clinic and quickly passes out from the wounds he sustained at the hands of Peter and Golan the day before. 

Lynn is also undergoing treatment, but at a higher end establishment. Peter wants to visit her in the hospital, but he is so haunted by the night his daughter committed suicide that he can’t bring himself to go in. 

Peter and Golan drive to Tel Aviv to find Emma’s friend Julie, who performs in drag at a gay bar. Julie says that Emma’s boyfriend was an older archaeologist that Emma worked with. Peter and Golan head directly to Professor Margrove’s house. He admits that he was sleeping with Emma, but he broke it off to not jeopardize his marriage. Margrove tells them they’re wasting their time pursuing him because his wife can vouch that he was home the night Emma was murdered.  

Before Charlie and Debbie make a run for it, they grab Joshua. When they reach Charlie’s car, Billingham is there. He tries to stop them but Debbie fires the gun in the air and they drive away with Joshua in the trunk. Back inside the compound, Billingham tells Faye, Sandra and Deputy Parry (the local cop) that he wants Joshua back and whoever has laid eyes on the boy should be “eliminated.”   

Yussef wakes up in the clinic, his wounds having been attended to while he was unconscious. He grabs his clothes, including the stone, and hobbles out. That night, he meets Lev and some other men in the woods. Lev tests the stone—it’s real. Yussef says his job is done and holds out the gun. However, Lev says there’s no greater assurance of life than sacrificial death. Yussef raises the gun to his chin, says, “He’s coming,” and pulls the trigger. Lev buries something that looks like keys in the grass beside Yussef’s body. 

Shem arrives to pick up Avram, who has no idea that he is putting his life into the hands of the enemy. They drive off with the trailer containing the calf hitched to the back of the car. 

Peter finally visits Lynn late that night at her apartment, but she’s hurt and angry that he didn’t come see her at the hospital. Also, she’s upset that Nadav is dead. Peter mentions he needs a warrant to search the JHC, and Lynn asks him to leave. 

As Ambassador Ridell looks on, Rabbi Lev places the last stone in the breastplate. 

Peter returns to the tunnels underneath the Old City. As he swims in the pool he went into with Emma, he looks up and sees the same symbol etched in the ceiling that he saw in Emma’s journal. 

An aerial shot of the compound in New Mexico then reveals that it is shaped exactly like the symbol in Emma’s journal and in the cave.