Meet The Rosenbergs
S1 episode 3 Aired on March 19, 2015

After having tracked Yussef Khalid to the U.S. Consulate, Peter interrupts the state dinner to alert Lynn and Ambassador Ridell of the threat posed to their lives. Ridell orders the building to be evacuated and searched. Ultimately, no proof of Khalid even entering the building is found, which makes Peter look worse than he already does. 

Avram is seasick and miserable on his vessel’s voyage from Sweden to Croatia. He doesn’t have any food for himself or Red, and the hostile crew is unwilling to help him, even after he shakily threatens them with his gun. One crewmember easily disarms him, by punching him in the, but then later, that same crewmember comes below deck with offer Avram food. Avram appreciates the initiation rite and promptly donates the meager fare to Red.   

Billingham asks Debbie and Faye to take Joshua into town for the first time to have some fun. Faye is unhappy that she must include Debbie after the trouble she caused, but Billingham says she needs to trust that he has his reasons. On the way, Debbie apologizes, but Faye is resentful that she personally had to clean up Debbie’s mess and says that the original Josh’s blood is on Debbie’s hands, not hers. 

Yussef, now transformed into a clean-cut, well-dressed businessman posing as a buyer of rare coins for a well-known collector, arrives at a seaside mansion to see Mr. Ingmar, a rare antiquities dealer. Mr. Ingmar takes him inside a locked vault to inspect the coins, where Yussef spies the elusive twelfth breastplate stone among Ingmar’s antiquities. Mr. Ingmar tells him it’s priceless and therefore not for sale. 

Peter returns to Emma’s apartment looking for more clues. When a deliveryman arrives with papers for Emma from the Science & Antiquities Group, Peter and Golan decide to make it the next stop in their investigation. When they arrive there they meet Alon, a forensic expert, who tells them that Emma wanted to test something she found at the dig site. Alon was willing to help her because she seemed scared. The DNA test revealed that the substance found in a clay pot from the excavation site came from a cow. 

While Joshua plays a video game at a diner, Debbie sees a cop walk in. She excuses herself to the bathroom and jumps out of the window to call someone named Charlie. Debbie hasn’t been in touch with Charlie for three years but begs him to wire her money so she can escape. He refuses, thinking that she’s using drugs again. Debbie manages to climb back into the bathroom before Faye comes looking for her. As Faye notices the open the window, Debbie punches Faye and a scuffle ensues, with Faye falling against the sink, unconscious. Debbie grabs Joshua and they run outside to find the police officer. 

While Peter and Golan are getting sandwiches, Peter sees a place called Café Sergei, which he recognizes from a napkin tucked into Emma’s journal. He matches the map she drew on the napkin with the view. A sign on the Jewish Heritage Center across the way says #19 in Hebrew—relating to what Emma had cryptically written in her diary, “It’s all about #XIX.” He goes into the center’s courtyard and under a glass case is the Book of Numbers opened to Chapter 19, which refers to the red heifer without defect or blemish that has never been under yoke. Thinking Peter and Golan are there for a tour, a young woman explains that the center is dedicated to the history of the temple. Rabbi Lev, who’s the head of the center, passes by, eyeing them suspiciously. Peter pretends to go to the bathroom but instead sneaks into the basement. Rabbi Lev follows him and asks how Peter heard about the center. Peter shows him a photo of Emma, pretending she’s his niece but Lev doesn’t register any recognition of her. 

After they leave, Golan is fed up with Peter dragging him around without explaining why these places are relevant. Peter brings Golan back to his hotel room to show him the journal, but the room has been ransacked. Luckily the journal is still there, but Golan is angry that Peter stole and concealed evidence. Then a security guard from the Jewish Heritage Center shows up. It turns out that he’s part of Shin Bet, the Israeli secret police, and has been embedded at the JHC for eighteen months because they’re considered an extremist group. He tells them Emma never set foot in the place and there’s no connection to their case. He warns Peter and Golan to keep their noses out of the JHC. 

At the police station in New Mexico, the cop tells Debbie that she has to sign her statement about what happened to Josh and then they’ll start investigating. Soon after, Billingham walks into the police station. Clearly the cop called him. Joshua says to Billingham, “I told you she would fail.” 

Yussef goes to a gay nightclub where he “happens” to run into Mr. Ingmar’s handsome bodyguard. After some flirtation, they go out to Yussef’s car. Within moments, Khalid has subdued the bodyguard and has the security key to Ingmar’s vault in hand. Yussef then breaks into Ingmar’s mansion to steal the stone, but the Geiger counter he has in tow reveals the stone to be a fake. 

Angry that they wasted precious time sending Khalid after a fake twelfth stone, Ambassador Ridell has called an emergency meeting with Professor Margrove and Rabbi Lev. Margrove claims there was no way of knowing the stone wasn’t real. Rabbi Lev is certain they will find the real one but in the meantime, he’s more concerned about Peter Connelly nosing around the JHC. Ridell says she’ll take care of him.