Catch You Later
S1 episode 2 Aired on March 12, 2015

Detective Cohen has brought Peter down to the police station to find out why Agent Connelly botched the transport of Yussef Khalid. Golan presses him, but before he can get any hard answers Lynn shows up with some questions of her own. Peter admits that he’s the mystery man in the security footage with Emma Wilson and that he suspects Emma and Khalid are connected. There’s something bigger going on than the murder of one girl 

At the compound in New Mexico, Billingham has summoned Debbie. He knows she saw things she shouldn’t, but he promises to explain in due time. In the meantime, he asks her to reafirm her commitment to their cause. 

Haim, who looks like he could’ve once been an Israeli Mossad agent, arrives at the farm in Norway to move Avram and the red calf. Before they leave, Haim kills Olaf, the old farmer, because he didn’t take the threat from the Essenes seriously and let the boy go outside with “Red.” But as Haim, Avram and the calf near the airfield, they encounter an Essene, who shoots at them, landing a bullet in Haim’s gut as they make their getaway. 

Meanwhile, Yussef Khalid is still in Jerusalem. With the CCTV cameras throughout the city, Golan and Peter will be able to track him when he makes his next move. But Peter will need to move quickly because Golan is close to gathering the information he needs to arrest Peter for Emma’s murder. 

The “new” Josh doesn’t flinch when Billingham gives him the same news about not having parents as he told the original Josh. Josh also doesn’t waver when he hears it’s time for his Bar Mitzvah. Debbie, still emotional from the loss of “her” Josh, seizes the opportunity to steal keys to an SUV but is stopped by the boy, who asks if he can rely on her for moral support during the ceremony. Reluctantly, she aborts her escape. 

Peter returns to the underground dig site where Emma took him, but Golan is already there. Peter has no choice but to explain what happened the night he met Emma. He tells Golan that he thinks Emma was meant to give Khalid the same stone she slipped into Peter’s pocket. Golan then makes the connection between the stone and the ancient breastplate found in Khalid’s backpack. 

During Josh’s strange Bar Mitzvah ceremony at the compound, a black and white calf is brought into the chapel. Billingham hands the boy a long knife and says, “The first one is the hardest. It gets easier.” After Josh meets Debbie’s anxious gaze, he raises the knife and slays the calf. 

Haim brings Avram and the red calf to the shipping port and instructs the boy to take a boat to Croatia, where someone else will meet them. The Essene arrives soon after, but the ship has already pulled out of port. The Essene checks the truck, but Haim is already dead from his gunshot wound. 

Golan gets a call that Khalid is being tracked on CCTV. Peter follows Khalid on foot, while Golan directs him by watching the security cameras. Peter is surprised to see that Khalid is headed toward the U.S. Consulate, where Ambassador Ridell is hosting a large reception. Inside, Ambassador Ridell excuses herself from her table and retreats to confines of her dark office. She is annoyed that Khalid has interrupted her during the function, but she is not alarmed by his presence. He hands her the stone that he took from Peter and she uses a Geiger counter to verify the stone’s provenance. There’s only one stone left to find—but it’s the most difficult one.