S1 episode 1 Aired on March 5, 2015

Peter Connelly, an FBI agent stationed in Jerusalem, is on a mission to track down Yussef Khalid, a Palestinian American believed to have murdered the son of a senator on American soil. As Peter closes in on the suspect, he runs into Detective Golan Cohen of the Israeli Police, who is also after Khalid, but for a local robbery. This isn’t the first time these two have stepped on each other’s jurisdictional toes. After a pursuit through East Jerusalem, Detective Cohen apprehends Khalid. Peter, however, comes upon a young redheaded woman—it’s like he is seeing a ghost. But she disappears before he can figure out if she’s real.

Josh, who is about to turn thirteen, is living in a walled, windowless compound in a remote part of New Mexico. Tad Billingham, the pastor in charge, says that Josh is “ready,” though he doesn’t explain for what. Josh’s caretaker, Debbie, doesn’t agree but Billingham squashes her concerns. He proceeds to tell Josh that the time has come for him to fulfill his destiny.

Meanwhile, far from Jerusalem, Avram, a twenty-year old orthodox Jewish man, has been left in charge of a rare red calf in a remote part of Norway by Rabbi Lev. Rabbi Lev gives him a gun and tells Avram he will soon have to take the red calf on a dangerous journey, but he is not told where or why.

Later that evening, outside of a café in the Old City, Peter finds the striking redheaded young woman, an archaeology fellow from UPenn working on a dig in the tunnels beneath the city led by a famous British archaeologist, Ian Margrove. She leads him through a secret door down to the site of her dig, and they decide to take swim in an underground natural pool. The midnight romance comes to an abrupt end when they hear religious chanting and the cries of a baby lamb. They sneak back out of the tunnel, and she slips a small stone into Peter’s pants pocket.

The next morning, Peter finds Detective Cohen in Lynn’s office. Cohen reports that they found the body of a young woman named Emma Wilson with multiple stab wounds to the torso and neck. The only lead they have is security camera footage of her walking with a man, but his face is blurry. Peter sees that it’s him and the redheaded girl and confides with Lynn that he wants in on the case, but Lynn has reservations.

Back at the compound, Faye, Billingham’s right hand, rushes in to report that Josh has escaped. While everyone is distracted looking for Josh, Debbie sneaks into a forbidden hallway that’s identical to the one she and Josh have been living in. There she comes upon Josh, but she is shocked when she realizes he’s not “her” Josh. He may look the same, but this Josh is acting very differently. Meanwhile, Faye has caught up to the real Josh along the road. He begs to be forgiven, but she says now that his feet have touched the ground he can’t come back. She raises her gun and shoots.

Peter is tasked with making sure Khalid’s extradition handoff goes smoothly and that Khalid is safely delivered to US soil. While taking a detour to avoid traffic, Peter’s vehicle is hit by another car—clearly, a planned ambush to allow Khalid to escape. Peter gives chase but loses Khalid, though he realizes he has wound up in front of Emma’s apartment building. He goes inside and discovers her apartment has been ransacked. Khalid is there with a gun and tells Peter to empty his pockets. Peter is surprised to find the precious stone Emma gave him, which Khalid grabs and take off.

When Peter is back his hotel room, he finds a drawing of the same stone in Emma’s diary. Suddenly, he hears police cars pulling up outside of the hotel. He hides the diary just as there’s banging on his door.