Ian Margrove
played by Richard E. Grant
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Aristocratic, charismatic and more than a little pompous, Ian Margrove is a renowned British archeologist from Cambridge University who has been working on a dig in Jerusalem for twenty years. Each summer he has many admiring interns assist him with his work, including Emma Wilson. The professor believes he is on the brink of a profound discovery that could change the course of history, but he’s concerned that a handful of “cowardly politicians” might stop him from getting there.

Richard E. Grant stars as Ian Margrove, the Cambridge archaeologist heading up the dig Emma (Alison Sudol) is working on in Jerusalem.  Following a murder, Peter (Jason Isaacs) begins to suspect that Margrove may be more involved in the mystery surrounding the death than he’s letting on.

Grant studied drama at Cape Town University where he co-founded the Troupe Theatre Company. He moved to London in 1982 and worked in theatre until he got his big break with the cult hit "Withnail and I" in 1986.  Grant has appeared in over 60 movies with some of Hollywood's leading directors including Robert Altman, Francis Ford Coppola and Martin Scorsese.  He has published three books, and written and directed his autobiographical movie “WAH-WAH.”