Emma Wilson
played by Alison Sudol
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Emma is a young, archeologist working on a historic dig in Jerusalem led by Professor Ian Margrove. Enthralled by archeology ever since she was a kid, she speaks eloquently about the thousands of years of history that are palpable in the streets of Jerusalem. She first catches Peter’s eye in a bustling café because she reminds him of someone who was very dear to him. Their chance encounter, however, winds up sending Peter down a perilous path.

Alison Sudol stars as Emma Wilson, a charming young American archeologist working on a dig site under Jerusalem.  She befriends Peter Connelly (Jason Isaacs) and shows him the secret tunnel where she and Professor Ian Margrove’s (Richard E. Grant) team are working, unwittingly leading him into dangerous circumstances.  She herself is a mystery.

Sudol is perhaps best known for her music career, having achieved commercial success and critical acclaim as the front woman for the band A Fine Frenzy.  Her television credits include a recurring role on the new series “Transparent” from Jill Soloway, and most recently, she appeared in the independent feature “Other People’s Children.”  Additionally, Sudol is currently working on a new music project due out for release in early 2015.