Fog of War
S1 episode 9 Aired on March 1, 2020

In Dare Me episode 109, “Fog of War,” Addy becomes increasingly anxious as the news about Will’s death becomes public—especially with Beth watching her every move and Colette keeping her distance.

“In times of great loss, people need to come together”

While the students of Sutton Grove High mourn for Sarge, scrawling their condolences on stickies around the recruiting table, Beth is suspicious of the circumstances surrounding his death, theorizing to Addy that there has to be more to the story. Since Beth knows that Addy was at Coach’s house the supposed night of the incident, Beth is convinced that Addy has more information than she’s letting on. Feeling the weight of Beth’s intense attention and pointed commentary, Addy goes to Coach for comfort, who brusquely tells her to focus on other things.

“These things are never as simple as they look”

As the day goes on, Beth picks up key details about Will’s death. First RiRi tells her that not only was Tibbs there when the cops broke down the door after Will didn’t respond to anyone for a few days but also that Sarge used a gun to kill himself. An old news story resurfaces about Will’s young wife, who was five months pregnant when a drunk driver killed her in a freak accident a few years ago. Then when Beth takes Addy home after Addy gets drunk at the “grief hangout” party, Addy mumbles that Will shot himself in the mouth (not in the head as everyone’s been saying)—a detail that only someone who had seen the body would know. In private, Beth rewatches the video she secretly has of Colette and Will having sex at Lanvers Peak. The question is what will she do with it…. The other question is why Kurtz is hiding in the model apartment across the hall from Will’s watching Faith and her partner conduct their investigation through the peephole…..

A Real Mouthful

The next morning, Addy tells Beth to ignore anything she may have said after the party. Beth responds that her secret is safe with her, including that Addy lied to her mother about being with Beth the night before it became public that Will was dead. “Worst-case scenario…now we both have alibis,” Beth tells Addy. But Beth learns that the detail that Addy drunkenly confessed is true when RiRi shares that her dentist was bragging about being brought in to consult on a big gunshot death case. At home, Addy presses Faith for the latest developments around the investigation. Faith reveals that they now know Will died Sunday night, not Monday night, and that there’s mounting evidence that his death was suspicious. Because his teeth were knocked out of his head, it’s likely that someone shoved the gun into his mouth.


Colette seems spent after using her last shreds of energy to keep Addy calm and to act like nothing has happened around school. She seems relieved when Matt finally returns home from his business trip, though it’s unclear if he knows what’s been going on in his absence. As Addy narrates about how much she wanted to be a part of Coach’s world, though she didn’t know her world was like this, the camera zooms in on one stickie note in the makeshift memorial around the recruiting table that says, “Coach French must be sad.”