S1 episode 8 Aired on February 23, 2020

In Dare Me episode eight, “Containment,” Addy reels in the wake of Sarge Will’s death while Colette manages to keep her cool….until she can’t.

Those Bloody Shoes….

Addy is stunned at the scene in Will’s apartment: his dead body, blood and teeth everywhere, the gun on the floor. Colette explains that she came over after Will wouldn’t stop texting and there he was. She’s so calm that when Addy accidentally steps in blood, Coach immediately gets the bleach to clean them and then methodically removes all traces of herself from the apartment. Addy thinks they should call the police but Colette is adamant that they need to get out of there and let someone else find him—it’s better for both of them to stay quiet. Addy seems torn; she’s flattered that she’s the one Coach called in her time of need but she’s also scared now that she’s involved, especially since she doesn’t know what really happened. As they sneak out the back door of the Towers, neither of them notices the security camera…. 

“I never was before, now I am.”

The next day at school, Addy is such a wreck wondering if people know yet about Sarge Will that she faints in class. Beth, who’s by her side when she wakes up in the infirmary, tells Addy about her eerily foreboding dream and asks where the Hamsa bracelet that Beth gave her is. Then Coach, who was MIA during the victory celebration thrown by the boosters, eventually shows up at practice, all business. No time to celebrate with States coming up soon. During drills, Beth calls out Addy for not having her cheer shoes and Coach has no choice but to punish Addy with fifty pushups…with claps.

Addy Demands an Explanation

After practice, Addy goes to Colette’s house. Conveniently, Matt isn’t home because he had to go out of town on business. Addy needs to know what happened between Colette and Will—they seemed like they were in love. Colette explains that being with Will was an escape during a difficult time. It wasn’t supposed to be more, though maybe it was for Will. Then last night, with Will’s texts becoming increasingly more alarming, she waited until Matt took a sleeping pill and called a taxi. But it was too late. Colette called Addy because she couldn’t handle it on her own and Addy is the one person she trusts, her one real friend. Colette wants to go outside to do backbends in the rain, which makes Addy think of another time playing in the rain…a night not too long ago when Beth gave Addy the Hamsa bracelet and then Addy kissed Beth! When Colette finally breaks down, Addy helps her into bed and curls up beside her. If Coach trusts Addy like she says, then why did she sneak a look at Addy’s phone to check her photos and texts while Addy was asleep?

The “Abyss” Awaits

When Addy wakes up in Colette’s bed the next morning, her outlook is slightly better. Maybe everything will be okay just like Coach said. But her moment of optimism is shattered when she receives a text from Beth: “Sarge Will’s dead. Suicide.” The cat’s out of the bag in more ways than one…since Addy doesn’t realize that Beth has sent her the text from outside of Coach’s house. The episode ends with the coroners entering Will’s apartment, which is filled with police forensics and investigators, while Tibbs, who seems to be the one who found Will, stands in the hallway in tears.