Parallel Trenches
S1 episode 5 Aired on January 26, 2020

What happens after the party at the Playland Motel is a matter of perspective…

From Addy’s POV….

The next morning at Chez French, Beth is completely shut down, giving Addy crap for taking her to Coach’s and claiming that nothing is going on between her and Kurtz no matter how many times Addy asks. To make matters worse, Colette is angry with Addy for potentially jeopardizing regionals by not acting like the leader Colette has been grooming her to be. While Faith doesn’t know about the party (whew!), she still reprimands Addy for not texting back to her check-in on Friday night.

During the pep rally, there’s finally some good news: the squad is going to regionals! The team is elated—except Beth, who is completely zoned out. But then during the squad’s “victory lap” routine, Tacy comes tumbling down and somehow RiRi’s teeth get knocked out in the shuffle. Thinking fast, Addy grabs a carton of milk, which she knows keeps teeth alive, picks up the bloody loose teeth from the floor and rushes them to the hospital, saving the day and redeeming herself in Colette’s eyes.

From Colette’s POV….

That same Saturday morning, Colette brings Beth a hangover smoothie in the hopes that Beth will open up to her about what happened, but her advice to “stay strong and clear” only serves to alienate Beth once again. While Colette is lecturing Addy in her office later that afternoon, she gets another concerned text from Will, which she ignores. Even roses from Matt and the news that the squad made it into regionals a couple of days later don’t help calm Colette’s nerves. Unable to reach her any other way, Will goes to see Colette in the empty gym before the rally but not to discuss their relationship. He wants Colette to be aware that he suspects that something went down between Beth and Kurtz, who’s a “screw up.”

Even with Bert announcing the good news about regionals at the rally, Colette is still on edge. Then Tacy tries to get into a Bow-and-Arrow, which Collette strictly forbid her to do at practice the day before. But Tacy falters, and kicks RiRi in the mouth on the way down. At least Addy’s quick thinking will allow the doctors to replant RiRi’s own teeth. But at the hospital, J.J. still gives Colette hell for not managing the squad more responsibly: “This is on you.”

And Finally, From Beth’s POV….

Whatever happened on Friday night has cracked Beth’s armor, not that she’s letting it show to anyone. Her missing necklace is just salt on her secret wound. Kurtz keeps texting her as if whatever happened was “fun” and something they should do again. Desperate to track down her necklace, she texts him to look for it at Playland. The next day before the rally, when he approaches her in school to tell her he couldn’t find it, she seems twitchy in his presence. The fact that he seems to not really remember what happened on Friday night just makes her want to get away from him even more.

By the time the rally begins, Beth is starting to spiral into a panic attack. She manages to participate in the routine, but after the accident, she spins out. The one time she turns to Addy for help, Addy’s attention is elsewhere. Outside of the hospital, Faith returns Beth’s missing necklace, which Faith found in her car, which gives Beth some relief. But the clasp, like so many things, is broken.