S1 episode 4 Aired on January 19, 2020

With the bid video completed, Coach and the squad celebrate their success—but they quickly learn that sometimes good things come with a price.

On Top of the World

During the squad’s celebration at Coach’s house for killing it with their bid video, Addy feels so hopeful about her future that she gives Coach her “good luck” Hamsa bracelet, which Beth notices Coach wearing the next day. But luckily for Addy, Beth is more focused on Friday night’s party at the Playland Motel, especially since Addy is game to join.

At the next practice, Colette hands over the reigns to Addy to lead drills with the squad so she can sneak off for a private celebration with Will in the training room. But the next day, after another secret session with Sarge on school premises, Colette realizes she’s late to pick up her daughter and is annoyed with herself for getting so distracted.


As Colette expected, Matt is pissed that Colette was late to pick up their daughter, while she’s resentful that she has to be perfect all the time, handling everything in their lives, plus her job. Their simmering tensions rise to the surface, causing them get into a big fight during which Colette blurts out that she feels trapped. But Matt still doesn’t get it. Colette is so angry that she doesn’t even want to text with Will when he checks in to find out how she’s doing.

“Den of Sleaze”

Dressed to kill, Addy, Beth and RiRi arrive at the party. Beth knew that it was a marine party all along but it’s news to the other two. They put their phones in the ice bucket — house rules, claims Kurtz — and the party starts to rage. Then the JVs show up and Kurtz is happy to let them join, even though Tibbs is nervous because the girls aren’t even sixteen. An unrelated disturbance in the parking lot prompts the motel manager to call the cops, which is especially bad for Addy (hello, cop mom!). The party breaks up, but Addy freaks when she can’t find Beth. Kurtz is passed out on the bed in the room next door, but Beth’s not with him. Then Addy spots Beth hanging out of the backseat of Addy’s car, totally out of it, mumbling about Addy’s bracelet and unable to tell Addy what happened to her.

“Hanlon, the bitch is your problem.”

Unsure of what to do and unable to go home, Addy calls Coach for help. Colette advises Addy to fix the situation herself and not to involve her — especially not tonight — and hangs up on her. But Addy is already at her door with Beth. Colette reluctantly lets them in but reads Addy the riot act: “I am not your mother. I expected more from you.” Addy is both stunned and stung.

“No one wants to see the real you.”

Meanwhile, Beth is in Colette’s bathroom, washing the makeup off her face, a glimpse of which we saw in the flash-forward at the beginning of the episode. She pulls down her tongue and there’s blood coming from what looks like two deep tooth marks. As the blood drips down her hand and into the sink, she snaps a pic of herself in the mirror while Addy’s voiceover narrates about all the masks we wear and never showing our real selves.