Surrender at Discretion
S1 episode 3 Aired on January 12, 2020

Coach tries to get her girls in fighting shape to record their bid video for regionals, which just entrenches the battle lines deeper within the squad, while Addy becomes more intimate with—and even more of an accomplice to—Colette and Will’s relationship.

Addy’s New Secret Job

Addy is only too happy to skip hanging out with Beth in favor of babysitting Colette’s daughter so that Colette can sneak off with Will in the afternoons, even if it means lying to Beth about what’s been keeping her so busy. One day, just as Colette is about to leave for a rendezvous, Matt comes home early. Addy quickly makes up a white lie to get her and Colette out of the house so Colette can keep her plan. At Colette’s urging, Addy tags along on the lovers’ hike.

“Eating Mat”

Coach tries everything she can to motivate the squad into bringing their A-game for the bid video. What she won’t do is let Beth be Top Girl, even though Tacy keeps messing up. Colette reminds them that they can’t hide behind filters and fancy editing for this video, even though Bert has privately suggested that’s exactly what she should do. But when they run through their routine on camera, Tacy continues to “eat mat” and the squad isn’t exactly pulling its own weight. RiRi begs Coach to just let Beth be Top Girl. Colette agrees it’s time to change things up: Beth can back spot now, which irks Beth even more. Tacy falls again, this time banging Beth’s shoulder on the way down. 

How About a Nice, Icy Cold Bath?

After practice, Beth pressures Tacy to take an ice bath, which Beth claims is a rite of passage for Top Girl. Tacy toughs it out in a metal tub full of ice next to Beth while the girls egg them on. Addy is fully in on this plan until Tacy slips under the water. Addy yanks an unconscious Tacy out of the tub and after a few scary moments, Tacy comes to. The look in Beth’s eyes makes it seem like Addy is the one who really failed the test.

Pizza Party

To boost morale, Coach invites everyone back to her house for an impromptu pizza party. Beth is the only one who doesn’t join. RiRi and Brianna go but are not into it, and Addy is jealous of the attention Coach is giving the JV’s. To connect to the older girls, Colette pours shots for everyone and makes a toast to how much stronger and tougher they’re all becoming. Tacy thanks Addy for saving her from the ice tub, but Addy snaps at Tacy before stomping away.

Temporary Cease Fire

After the party, Addy goes to Beth’s house. While everyone was at Coach’s, Beth fooled around with Kurtz—who not only works for Sarge but is also his neighbor at the Towers—but she doesn’t tell Addy about Kurtz’s visit. Soon Addy begins rubbing massage oil over Beth’s bruised shoulder. Addy removes her pants so Beth can massage Addy’s banged up knee. This seems like a ritual these friends have done before, soothing each other’s wounds inside and out. Addy narrates: “Beth once said that one day you’ll break my heart. She had seen it in a dream. I said that will never happen. But part of it felt real and true. Love is a kind of killing. And none of us gets out alive.”