Mutually Assured Destruction
S1 episode 2 Aired on December 29, 2019

Tension between Addy and Beth begins to mount after they catch Coach French and Sarge Will together at Lanvers Peak, while Addy allows herself to be drawn into the secret couple’s confidence.

White Sneakers, Beige Carpet, Red Blood

In a flash-forward, someone in white cheer sneakers tiptoes across a carpeted floor at night as a pool of blood spreads outward …

“Support your girl.”

After a half-assed cheer practice on Saturday morning following the first game, Colette has Addy and Beth come to her office. She explains that what the girls saw last night was a mistake and asks that they keep her personal business to themselves for the sake of the squad. Beth sidesteps, agreeing to the pact by parroting back some of Colette’s coaching mantras, which are loaded with double meanings. “Support your girl. Stay tight. Legs together. Lock your knees.” But later when the girls are hanging at the Handy Mart, Addy can’t be sure that Beth doesn’t actually have video evidence of the tryst between the “lusty Coach and the wounded warrior.”

Cool It Now

In Will’s car, Colette tells him that even though she handled the situation with the girls, the two of them need to “cool it.” There are a lot of expectations of her right now and too many eyes watching her, so she can’t risk it. Will seems disappointed. She gets out of his car and walks away, accidentally leaving behind her gold hair clip. But even when she instigates making love to Matt a couple of nights later, she can’t get Will out of her head.

“Sacrifice. Hard work. Trust.”

At practice, Coach has good news: the squad has been invited to submit a bid video for regionals. For the next two weeks, though, everything they do has to be about making their video great. Colette takes Addy aside to say that she hopes Beth is going to be a “team player”—in all senses of the term. Then Coach admits that the thing between her and Will is not how it looks, a secret insight which Addy is thrilled to hear. In the locker room, however, Beth again brings up how she almost got video from Lanvers Peak, which makes Addy even more suspicious that Beth is hiding something. The minute Beth is away from her phone, Addy swipes it. She doesn’t find anything incriminating but when a password-protected app called HIDERHOLE appears on Beth’s phone, Addy asks Jordy Jones if he can help her break into the app.

“Wife Vibe”

The next day, even though Beth doesn’t outright accuse Addy of stealing her phone, Beth seems to know that she did. When Beth goes to her father’s office to get money to buy a new one, Bert introduces her to Matt French, a.k.a. Mr. Coach. Beth says she’s surprised that Coach is married since Coach doesn't really give off a big “wife vibe” because she “seems so free,” which leaves Matt wondering what she meant.

Stomping It Out

At the Dairy Cream where Addy and Slocum work, Addy agrees to close up so Slocum can have dinner with Sarge Will to get tips about football. But during their chat, it’s unclear if Sarge is encouraging Slocum’s future career in football or in the Marine Corps. Back at the Dairy Cream, Jordy arrives to hack the hidden app on Beth’s phone for Addy. At first Addy doesn’t find anything but then she checks the app's trash folder. Score! There’s a video from Lanvers Peak, but it turns out to be only a four-second clip of the headlights on Will’s truck.

Addy is pretty sure that Beth is toying with her. Case in point: Beth sends a video addressed to Addy to her own “missing” phone of she and RiRi’s impromptu “stomping it out” routine over at Teddy’s Tavern.

Security or Freedom?

Later that same evening, unable to get Will out of her head, Colette makes up an excuse to Matt about needing to go over to her mother’s house. He buys it. But then she sits in the driveway, conflicted about whether or not to go to Will’s. She types out a text telling him she’s coming over because she changed her mind, but then erases it and turns off the car.

“The past is never where you left it.”

As Addy approaches her house after work that night, she runs into Sarge Will, who has just dropped off Slocum after their get-together. Will tells Addy about how he and Colette go way back to high school days and how special he thought she was. They were together before life took them in different directions … until recently. He asks Addy to return Colette’s hair clip, a favor she is more than happy to do.

Beth’s Secrets Are No Secret to Addy

The next day at school, Addy pretends to have found Beth’s phone in the locker and says she didn’t look at it because she already knows all of Beth’s secrets. “Don’t be so sure,” Beth replies.

“Living for the first time”

Addy goes to Colette’s house to return the hair clip. After telling Colette how Will talked about her when they knew each other in high school, Addy says, “It must be something. Someone wanting you like that.” Addy urges Colette not to miss her second chance and offers to look after the baby so that Colette can go to Will -- which she does. They immediately fall into each other’s arms.

Meanwhile, over at Beth’s house, the cheerleader opens her laptop and plays the video from Lanvers Peak. But this version keeps going, panning up from the headlights to clearly show Colette and Will having sex in the front seat of the truck.

Alone in the Frenches’ house, Addy takes off her shirt to luxuriate on the high thread count sheets, as if she were imagining what it would be like to be Colette, to have what she has. As Addy says in her voiceover: “The truth is: It was like I was living for the first time. Once you feel that, you’ll do anything to keep feeling it. Anything.”

Back to the White Sneakers

In the final montage, we see Beth, Addy and Coach each kick off the same pair of white cheer sneakers. But then when we return to the flash-forward from the beginning of the episode — those white sneakers going across the carpeted floor while the pool of blood grows bigger — we hear heavy breathing, and then the breath catching….