Shock & Awe
S1 episode 10 Aired on March 8, 2020

In the season one finale of Dare Me, episode 110, “Shock & Awe,” Beth goes to great lengths to prove her theory about Coach’s involvement in Will’s death and protect Addy in the process.

Addy “Fell Into a Dream...”

…but Beth is wide awake, continuing to uncover details about the night that Will died that even the cops haven’t discovered. When she goes to snoop around at the Towers, Beth figures out with a nosy neighbor’s help that Kurtz has been squatting in the model apartment across the hall from Will’s place. She then uses her trump card—the selfie she took after their questionable night together at Playland—to force Kurtz to spill whatever he knows to her and Addy. That night when he came home around 11pm, he heard them shouting in Will’s apartment—he could tell Will sounded “ragged”—and then a banging sound, like a headboard against a wall. He didn’t want to deal so he left before there was any gunshot. Addy doesn’t believe him, but Beth tells her she needs to wake the hell up because the truth will come out. 

“So easy to find yourself in dark places.”

When the cops show up at the French household to question Colette, she tries to play it cool but she’s visibly nervous when they tell her that they have video of her…ramming her car (intentionally?) into a lamppost. Relieved to hear that’s the only business they have with her, she readily volunteers to pay for damages. But to avoid the cops sniffing around again, she plants a seed with Faith, Addy’s mom, about how she has had a bad feeling about Kurtz and the way he’s been lurking around her girls.

Deadman’s Fall

At the last football game, Addy approaches Coach to tell her that Kurtz is saying things about her. Coach claims she has that situation under control. After their conversation, Addy is out of sorts. Could Beth be right about Coach using her? While the squad is performing the aptly named Deadman’s Fall routine, Faith and her partner corner Kurtz, who tries to bolt, and escort him off the field. In the interrogation room, they show him CCTV video of his fight with Will.

“Eyes on my girl.”

After the game ends, Beth chases after Addy and asks her about the missing Hamsa bracelet. Once again, Addy denies that she lost it or gave it to Coach. Beth, who calls out Addy for lying, urges her to see the big picture: Coach won’t protect her, especially if they’ve found Addy’s bracelet at the crime scene…

“Don’t trust your heart.”

Shaken and upset, Addy skips the post-game celebration and walks straight over to Coach’s house. Addy tries to get Colette to come outside to talk to her, but she refuses. So Addy sends Coach a string of texts: “Why was your hair wet? Were you there before? Where is your Hamsa?” After reading the messages, Colette panics and starts tearing apart the bedroom looking for the bracelet. When Matt asks what she’s doing, she says, “I may have left it behind. At his place. When we there…” He says, “Oh my god,” and begins to help her. Addy walks away from the house, growing increasingly more determined to “stay strong” and “fight to the end” as Coach would always say.