Amelia Davenport
played by Sarah Jones
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To the people of Holden she is the humble wife of the local preacher, serving warm meals and leading prayer circles. But appearances are deceiving. Amelia Davenport’s sharp mind and unparalleled wit make her the shrewd strategist behind Preacher Seth’s growing religious revival. A woman of literary tastes, Amelia furthers their political cause through a series of high-minded pamphlets published under her pseudonym: Dr. Theodore Hopkins.

Understanding the power of the written word, Amelia recruits the Holden Tribune’s newest reporter DL Sullivan to help spread the truth about the grave injustices in Holden County.

Amelia also knows that these injustices are not exclusive to Iowa. After losing her first husband Sal at the hands of a ruthless strikebreaker in Arkansas, Amelia banded together with Sal’s friend and partner Seth Davenport over their shared grief and similar political sensibilities. But soon Amelia will have to question whether their cause is bringing her and Seth together or tearing them apart.

Sarah Jones will next be seen as a lead character, Amelia Davenport, in the upcoming USA Network drama Damnation premiering in November opposite Killian Scott. Amelia puts on a modest front as a preacher’s wife in order to disguise her fierce political ambitions.


Originally from Florida, Jones was last seen as the mysterious Alison in Jason Katims’ The Path on Hulu. A longtime television veteran, Jones also starred in History Channel’s miniseries Texas Rising alongside Bill Paxton and Ray Liotta. Previously, she starred on the CBS drama Vegas with Dennis Quaid and Michael Chiklis and was the lead on JJ Abrams’ FOX series Alcatraz. Other credits include recurring roles on FX’s hit series Sons of Anarchy, HBO’s Big Love, and Showtime’s Huff. She also starred in the Anchor Bay film Mr. Jones which premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival.